FirstFan's 2nd Field Fone Report, Dictated

To start off today's practice notes, Engelberger was taking his snaps with the 1st team today and looked very good. On the O line, Polumbus and PJ Alex, with PJ at center, were playing with the 2nd team and they really looked very impressive. They played well together. 


I'm glad to report that Marquand Manuel is taking a strong leadership role with the team now. He took most of the his snaps with the 2nd team defense but played with both teams at times and was up, directiing traffic. It's good to see him step forward.


In particular, I'd say that Daniel Graham, Andre Hall, Cutler had great days today. All  of the play was 11 on 11 – no 7 on 7 or 3 on 3. 

At LB – DJ, Winborn and Niko were the 1st team today and they really looked good together – very tight. The 2nd team was Webster, Woodyard and Beck. Woodyard continues to look impressive, and with the injuries to Boss and Green it will be interesting to see what they do to keep him.


I got to see a new formation today that is a killer. It features Royal and Marshall split out on same side – they were alternating which of them played slot and which wide out. It was very hard to stop. Royal also beat Manuel deep for what would have been a TD.

Cutler also hit Russell right on the numbers today, a great pass. There were several of those – Cutler is playing so great right now, and has such a strong arm. He was perhaps the most impressive player at a good practice.  There was a single play when Cutler overthrew Royal when Royal beat Manuel deep, but Jay was otherwise nearly faultless.


Webster intercepted Hackney and returned it for a TD – Hackney had some good moments but several interceptions as well. Martinez dropped an open ball from Cutler – #9 dropped one as well..


Alridge was simply outstanding today, and I predict that he will make the team. He took a pitchout long for a TD and no one could catch him. He's too good to leave on the PS.


There was a light moment today when a helicopter came over the field very slow. A fan looked up and said, “I think I see Al Davis in there!”


After practice I had a chance to meet with DenverDiehard.  We got a meal at Jerry Stern’s restaurant – it was nice to see him and share the Mile Hi Broncos spirit. That’s it for today – I’ll be back in touch later in the week!

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