Does the Denver Post even care that the majority of its readers are Broncos fans?

 Ever since I joined this site, one of the most common things I've heard is that the blowhards at the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News have probably the worst possible Broncos coverage in the world. Of course, being so far away from Denver, I have had no chance to see the actual paper, so I thought you all were overreacting. They can't be that bad, can they?

Yes, apparently, they can. My grandmother, who lives in Denver, agreed to send me Denver Post news clippings after all the Broncos' games this year so I could pick up anything that I might have missed while watching the game and 20 seconds of ESPN coverage. Actually, I don't really need the papers at all because I have MHR, but you don't say no to my grandma!

After reading the first one, my reaction has been a mix of shock, revulsion, and amazement at just how terrible the whole thing really is. Here were some things Broncos fans (?) wrote to some guy named Mike Kiszla for their Sunday paper.

If Brett Favre is a brat, then what does that make John Elway?Both quarterbacks wanted to play football and wanted their own way. Both men ended up forcing a team's hand. Favre did so at the end of a distinguished career. Elway did so as an unproven draft choice. So who's the bigger brat?

-Jerry, Centennial

WHAT?!?!?! Blasphemy!!
Honestly I have no idea what to say, other than inform this guy that Elway already had a distinguished baseball career going at the time the Colts drafted him. He had hit .318 as a centerfielderin the Yankees minor league system. At a tryout for the Kansas City Royals, he played third base, where he fielded ground balls well enought to prompt George Brett to say something along the lines of: "I hope that son of a bitch plays football, because if he stays here I'm out of a job. Elway said he would forgo football to pursue baseball, unless the Colts traded him to one of a list of contenders, of which the Broncos were one.

It was terrible when the Broncos let kicker Jason Elam go, but this treatment of John Lynch is my last straw in the love for the team. The way coach Mike Shanahan treats players irritates me. I hope the teams where Elam and Lynch are this season beat the Broncos.

Marilyn, too blue to bleed orange.

Elam got a $10 million deal. We could not afford.... you know what, this person isn't going to read this, so what is the point of my rebuttal. The last letter, and the one that makes the least amount of sense, is as follows:

Team sports are all but dead. Everyone playing is playing for himself, from Lynch to Shanahan. I will be displaying a new bumper sticker: Ex-Bronco Fan. The Little Csar has gone too far.

Bob, Brighton.

The only thing I would like to know is what in the world prompted this guy to write this.

As I said before, this probably isn't news to any of you guys, but that article made me sick. Like, physically sick. Do they make up their own letters to write themselves, or do they pick the most ridiculously negative ones only and proudly display them whilst screaming "ZOMG! TEZ BRONCOS FANZ WANTS TEH SHANNYPANTZ GONE!!!! NO ONE LIKEZ TEHZ BRONCOS SO WE WILL PWN THEMS IN OUR NEWZPAPER!!!!"

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