Barrett Breaks Out

Josh Barrett S Pick 220 Round 7

(6'1 ", 223, 4.349) | ARIZONA STATE

Regarded by the ASU staff as one of the finest safeties to ever play at the university. Has good range and can cover the deep half of the field. Reads quarterback's eyes, shows adequate ball skills and flashes big-play ability. Big enough to line up in the box, aggressive and can make plays at the line of scrimmage. Flashes the ability to shed blocks quickly. Always seems to be around the ball at the end of the play. Is a reliable open field tackler that flashes the ability to deliver the big hit. Times the blitz well. Is a ball hawk and tries to strip the ball when in a trail position. Very good intangibles. Plays the game hard and shows good football intelligence. Quarterback of the secondary and leader of the defense. said: It is fitting that he hopes to one day become a dentist, as he spent his last four years drilling any receiver that dared to come into his area. With his 4.35 clocking in the 40-yard dash, he is the Sun Devils' fastest player to ever wear a defensive uniform.

On July 31, Guru commented from camp: "Just how awesome does Josh Barrett look in person? People have been raving about him throughout camp and I want to lay eyes on him for myself. Well, it’s fun to see…"

Barrett has shown several excellent tendencies throughout camp. By Day 2 he had nailed an interception, his first of several. On Day 4 he lined up a couple times at corner, then played safety during every snap of the three-on-threes. Day 5 found him getting cheers from his teammates and fans when he burst through the line on a blitz and took down Anthony Alridge in the backfield. Later that day, he and Marquand Manuel showed a desire to learn, staying after afternoon practice to get some additional tutelage from coaches Ronnie Bradford and Ryan Slowik.

On Day 6 Tony Scheffler made a great grab in traffic and starting running up the sidelines, but Barrett ran at him and stripped away the ball. Not only did he cause the fumble but he recovered it as well and ran to the opposite sideline before the entire offense chased him out of bounds. The next day, Guru noted, "There were several passes that appeared to be easy completions that Barrett was able to get to and break up. That is what playing safety in today's NFL is all about. This kid has a solid future."

With Lynch’s exit, Barrett has continued to shine. On Day 8 of TC Hamza Abdullah sat out with a groin pull and Barrett nabbed a sack during eleven-on-elevens. The next day, a blog-site commented, "Having broken passes up, thumping running backs in the backfield and blitzing the quarterback, he's kind of making it look easy." Although expected to get some reps this year, most believe that Barrett will have to season and fully learn the pro game before stepping into a starting position.

But Barrett, along with classmates including Hillis, Royal and Clady, represents the noticeable upswing in Broncos draft skills that the Goodman’s have helped to create. If Alridge, Woodyard, Erickson and Polumbus are added to the list, most fans will agree that the Broncos future looks brighter by the day.

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