About our Pass Rush

     I'm a little  'let's say  curious' (to avoid saying concerned) about our lack of pass-rush this pre-season. Other than Doom any pass-rush seems to be, may I say it this way, 'not there'.

     My 'curiousity' isn't about the number of sacks--its the lack of preasure.       I know we had our way with the Cowboys--there was little to not like about that game--funny its our only win.

Why did Matt Schaub and Aaron Rogers look like young Joe Montanas?  You guys may disagree with me--but the stats seem to back me up--and neither Matt or Aaron had Jerry Rice.         I have a thought, however, which may keep me in la-la-land until la-la-land throws me out.

     Last year teams ran thru us, over us, around us--and when they got the ball again--they ran around us, thru us, and then overs us for another TD.  It is obvious that Shanny has said, "Stop over us, around us, and thru us. Stop the run and stop the run now!"  Shanny has told someone, "This must be done--stop the run."  This we have done--pretty good at least.  If I was a player on this defense I would look at every early down as, "Stop the Run."  Even on third and long, in the back of my mind, I would still be thinking, "Don't let them run."   Last year was so funny--teams ran over us and beat us up--and then ran over us again--this will not happen this year.

     When Moss and Crowder came in we had a good defense--Bates made that no longer true--yet, even as rookies they were told to make a difference.  What is that all about? No young  player can make a difference in  a failed scheme with old fat players as the foundation.   As you can tell........I did not like last year.

      This year Moss (who, after his injury should be called a rookie) and Crowder, (who I think will surprise some this year) have one thing on their young minds, "STOP THE RUN!"  I think it has been drilled into them to the point where they got the  point.    I don't know about you...if I was a young player on an NFL team and told, "DO THIS!!!"'    I would take it  'do it' and do it.

      Moss and Crowder came into a bad defensive scheme that was 'YEECHH' from the beginning.  The fun with this team is Cutler will give Moss and Crowder  a chance to grow. Sometime this season they will grow, 'see something'..tis not'a run' and go for it.....

Sacks after the vanilla of pre-season............I think so......................13-3        Zappa


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