Questions from another continent!

As I've stated before I'm just an ignorant Dane (football-wise at least). Therefore I accumulate a lot of questions regarding football. As i have no friends who are as football-geeky on my side of the Atlantic, I have no choice but to spam MHR with my completely ramdom questions. I hope you can (will?) answer some of them. If not, heck - I might survive!


Here goes - in no particular order:

Super Bowl ring?
When a team wins the Super Bowl the members of the team gets a specially designed ring. But what are the criterias for actually getting a ring? To have played a down in the SB/Playoffs/regularseason or simply be on the roster during SB/Playoffs/regularseason? Do coaches get one? Owners?
I mean, if you just have to have been on the roster at some point it can, i'm guessing, easily be up to 60-70 rings a year? But if you have to have played a down, in the SB it's kind of unfair for a player like, let's say, Shockey who were important for NYG in the regular season, but got injured.

Playbook "stealing"?
Let's say I'm the thirdstring QB in an complex offense - lets say a Mike Martz offense. I'm no good as a starter. I can hardly get my contract renewed when it expires this summer.
But I'm clever. I assume that teams would kill for insight in a Martz-offense. So to raise my free angency value, i xerox the playbook - who's gonna stop me? (This, of course, also goes for every other position).

Would the example above be considered cheating? If yes who's ever going to find out? Can the information in an enemys playbook be used for anything? Is the scenario probable?

What does a "packer" mean?
You know a Green Bay Packer... I have looked it up a bazillion times - no luck..


What on Shanahans green earth shall we nickname Selvin Young??
I've thought about this for quite some time, and now that he's our primary back, he should definetily have a nick name. All i can come up with is these, and i don't really like any of them:

Lucky number Slevin (too lang and movie-geeky... GREAT movie, though)

Young-gun (Allthough this is true, "young-gun" has gotten pretty old.. a bit corny (not a great movie, BTW))

Elvis Unsung (I'm just moving letters around here... Sort of... I know, i know, this stinks)

Psycho/Superior/Supersonic etc. Selvin (mostly because of the consecutive s-sounds) Supersonic assosiates a bit too much to Seattle though.

Am I missing an obvious nickname?! Please help me out!


This might be a returning feature here in the Fanposts during the season - There's a lot of stuff I don't know - with your help, i might be able to ad a "yet" to that!


Bonus raider-Bashing TidBit:

In the last 5 years the raiders have won 19 games. Thats a game per year I've lived. Now the Broncos have won 49 - the age of my dad. Just a reminder to how superior we are!

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