Roster Judgement: Concerns.

I realize that this point in the season is one in which most fans are either overly optimistic or far too pessamistic and I wouldn't pressume to be above that.  Instead, I just wanted to present some of my feelings for you guys to help me.  I know most of you have properties in La-La Land, so I'll take the opposite approach because I'm comfortable as a devil's advocate.  So, without further ado, here are my concerns in a position by position format:

  • QB: Cutler is a superstar in the making, but we have basically no depth behind him. 
  • RB: There's definitely depth here, but there isn't a true franchise back in the bunch,
  • FB: I love Peyton Hillis, but I wonder if incorporating a FB into our offense isn't a step backwards in our system's progression.
  • WR: Royal's rapid ascent on our depth chart speaks to his skills, but it also exposes his competition as wanting.
  • TE: Scheffler's never healthy and Graham's still basically a 6th lineman at this point.
  • OL: Not much experience up front and major injury questions marks for those veterans there is worrisome.
  • DE: The youngsters don't seem to be stepping up and Doom seems to be on his own again.
  • DT: Not loving the depth here and the overall talent is not much better.  Robertson's health and Thomas' developement are both musts and suspect.
  • LB: Webster failed on the outside last year and now he's at the heart of our D.  Boss' back-up will likely see some time and can't be very good.
  • CB: Can we trust Bly opposite of Champ?  How will those burried in the depth chart by those two vets respond to limited playing time and stiff competition?
  • S: McCree might be the new Lynch and I don't think we've found the answer opposite him.
  • ST: I'm liking the depth for the coverage teams, but young kickers and punters usually struggle unless they're studs.

Well, I feel that's about as negative as I can be at this time.  Honestly (and I've said this often) I think this squad should be good enough for a winning record and will challenge for a Wild Card.  Overall, I'm worried by our defense (especially up the middle) and I fear that we may be in for another frustrating year insomuch as a couple more playmakers on that side of the ball would make us legit contenders.  So, tell me where I'm wrong; I'd be happy to hear it!  Cheers!

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