Special Teams Depth Chart

I've compiled the following depth chart from watching the STs during the preseason, and factoring in the recent wave of cuts.  I took some notes while watching the film, and I'll include those after.

Kick Returns

Returners:  Royal, Hall

Wedge:  Engleberger, Harris,?(Pears)?

Blockers: Webster, Woodyard, Hillis, Niko,  Scheffler, Winborn

Punt Returns

Returner:  Royal

Blockers:  Paymah, woodyard, Foxworth, Manuel, Webster, Abdullah, Scheffler, DJ, Niko, Winborn


Punter: Kern

Gunners:  Manuel, Woodyard, (paymah)

Longsnapper:  The Immortal Leach

Rest:  McCree, DJ, Niko, Webster, Winborn, Woodyard, Hillis

Kick Offs

Kicker:  Prater

Rest:  Colbert, Woodyard, Pittman, Manuel, Foxworth, Abdullah,  Winborn, Niko, Webster, Hillis


--Our wedge is a question mark, and may have someone starting on the right side (facing forward) who didn't get a single preseason rep at the position, though I can't speak for who has gotten reps in practice.  Clemons will man the spot if he is activated, and he has experience there, but looking at possible gameday 45s I don't think he will be activated that often.  If he can't go, my best guess is Pears, and it is possible we may see a Pears/Clemons activation-deactivation cycle over the course of the season.

--Ryan Harris at the center-wedge position may seem odd or risky, but I don't think it is either one.  He got a lot of reps there, and was one of the better ones we tried.  If Klick were a likely activation, I would expect him to start, but I seriously doubt he will ever be activated unless because of injuries.

--Engelberger is sort of odd as well, but he too was very good, though he had very few reps.  Everyone else who got reps has been cut.  Other likely possibilities are Moss and Crowder.  In fact, a Moss, Pears, Crowder wedge is definitely a possibility.

--Our punting units feature a lot of our most explosive and quick defensive players, with the surprise addition of Scheffler.  I don't know if he is a for sure on STs, but I am 90% certain after watching all the tape.  I would expect that if he were to overcome Jackson for offensive playing time that they would switch roles in STs as well.

--Woodyard, Niko and Winborn figure to be in on all STs plays.

--The backup punt returner will probably be one of the starting CBs, or possibly Colbert.

--It doesn't matter who covers kickoffs.  Touchbacks, baby!!

--Any questions, please ask!

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