A Very Broncos Wedding (in Seattle?!)

I am getting married a week from this Saturday.  On September 20th, my family and friends (predominately Broncos fans) and her family (Seahawks fans) are coming together in a nupual event unseen since Seattle left the AFC West. Though I am ambivalent toward Seahawk fan for the most part, I was surprised (well in retrospect not really...) to find that they really hates HATES Broncos fans.  My fiance's uncle even went as far as to say he hated Elway for breaking a Washington girl's heart (referencing JE's divorce from Janet following the conclusion of his Broncos career).  He didn't want to hear that Elway was in fact from Washington as well... Hmmm...

Anyway! Despite this vitrolic situation I am in, my fiance - bless her heart - suggested that we name our tables after famous Broncos.  Before she could come to her senses as to the reality of her suggestion, I quickly agreed.  Immediately I sent out emails to my closest Broncos cronies to nominate and "draft" the players that would represent at my wedding.  This evolved into a many week debate and ultimately concessions were made and we came up with the following list (in no particular order).  Football cards of each player were procured  (Barrel Man and Joe Rizzo came from photos found on the internet) and the signage is being made as we speak.

Rod Smith 
Terrell Davis 
Ed McCaffrey 
Gary Zimmerman 
Karl Mecklenberg 
Floyd Little 
Mike Lodish (at my father's insistence - I know... I know...) 
Gary Kubiak (#8 - the player) 
Jay Cutler 
John Elway 
Champ Bailey 
Steve Atwater 
Dennis Smith 
Dan Reeves 
Shannon Sharpe 
The Orange Crush Linebackers (Bob Swenson, Joe Rizzo, Randy Gradishar, Tom Jackson) 
The Three Amigos 
The Barrell Man 

Now, knowing tha Mike Lodish (my father's choice - kind of a pet/joke favorite among his friends also attending) and Jay Cutler (my fiance attended Vandy - how perfect is this union?!) are locked in, I am in the following situation. We have one too many tables and I have been asked this morning to "cut" a Broncos great.... Thanks to my lobbying and insistance, I was able to relegate this one player to the cake table... Now who on this list embodies the spirit of the cake table?  Dan Reeves?  Who should it be?  I'm running out of time to decide... What do you think? J

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