Some Eddie Royal Adulation from Shutdown Corner

Yahoo Sports MJD Shutdown Corner Blog had some good things to say about Eddie Royal and the Broncos beatdown of the raiders in general.  The article is entitled

Don't Count On It: Things you won't be seeing again

A rare complementary article about the Broncos by the national media.  Seems like MJD might be joining the Broncos bandwagon in heading for lala land. Enjoy!

.. the Raiders continuing to be so tragic. Actually, you might be able to count on the Raiders continuing to be just that tragic. I don't know. What we witnessed from that morosely-dressed clown troupe on Monday night was almost unspeakable.

Things started well enough for them. They ran the ball. Justin Fargas found some holes, Darren McFadden had some success when he touched the ball. There seemed to be a shred of two of promise.

From there, I'd like to say that the wheels came off, but that wouldn't feel like an accurate description. The wheels didn't just magically come off, the Raiders all got out of the car (all 45 of them were in one Volkswagon; remember, this is a morosely-dressed clown troupe), shot the wheels off the own car, busted out the taillights, smashed the windshield and poured Splenda in the gas tank. Then they all piled back inside and started screaming, "CAR WON'T MOVE, ME SAD NOW!"

I just don't know how you can allow a performance like that to happen. Ninety-six penalty yards, most of them coming on ignorant personal fouls, a pathetic passing game in which Ashley Lelie was the star receiver, Eddie Royal consistently and viciously abusing DeAngelo Hall ... at no point were the Raiders anything but an ugly carpet for the Broncos to walk on.  You don't need talent to have discipline. You don't need a loaded roster to not be an embarrassment. The Chiefs found a way to take the field and not be a laughing stock, and they went out of their way this offseason to strip their roster of talent.There's just no excuse for a team performing as poorly as the Raiders did on Monday night. I don't care if it's Week One or Week Seventeen.

... me going to sleep without praying to Eddie Royal. I'm not saying that I believe that Eddie Royal is a deity. But each night this week, I am going to offer a few words of praise and worship to Eddie Royal before I go to sleep. You know, just in case.

Even if he's not, we all (especially those of us who were obligated to live blog the game) owe him a debt of gratitude for what he did Monday night. He caught 9 balls for 146 yards and had DeAngelo Hall wishing he was inside with Michael Vick. He took handoffs. He returned punts. He returned kicks. He recovered a fumble. On a play designed for him to throw a pass downfield, he actually threw the ball away. It might sound small, but this is something that David Carr has yet to master in six years of playing quarterback in the NFL.

It was a magical performance. I almost hope that Royal disappears now and never has another good game in his life, just so I can remember this one as being so special.

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