Butterfly Stomach's

One of my favorite songs is Bob Carlisle's,  "Butterfly Kisses." Even had I not had daughters it would have brought a tear just thinking of a loving parent--bringing up a child--watching them grow--letting them go--hoping for the best. If any of you dads have daughters (not married yet) this is what happens:

Sometime during the reception they have this father/daughter dance, "Butterfly Kisses,"  you will dance, and you will cry. You will try to not let anyone notice what is happening--but the child you are holding is your child--about to leave and cleave to another man. I thank GOD he is a good man.

This happened to me two years ago and will happen again in about 14 months--what does this have to do with football--absolutely nothing.

The order of importance in this life should be GOD first (so he protects your familly) family next (knowing GOD is looking over them) friends (and even though we have never met I consider you friends) and then whatever.  This post is about whatever.

The 'whatever' is that love you develope outside where your emotions should be--but you can't shake it, It doesn't let you alone, it follows you and is there--no matter where you go.  I'm not sure if this is a US phenom or something that shows the "End" is near.

Do any of you get 'Butterfly Stomachs" before the season starts--I do.  I am suddenley the only neighbor in 'la-la-land-of-pre-season-feel goods.'  La-la land tosses you out if you have a 'very' negative thought--therefore I will only make these comments in a very positive light.

I love "SafetyJohn' left, sorry NE waived you (you are welcome back here), i think they are playing a game and you will be on their team--not making the playoffs. I love all the prophets that make the big money by the big TV that have us 7-9, 8-8, 9-7.  I love all you big experts and hope you put a lot of money against us in Vegas. I love Travis Henry for 'doing it' before  pre-season got started. I love Javon for just being Javon (do it for the faiders Javon). I love Clady--not just because he played for Boise--because he stepped in--and is doing it. I love Royal because he is real (by that I mean the real thing). I love the fact that Torain got injured (remember--no negative thoughts in la-la-land) he will be a power and fresh legs suddenley and November.  I love Brandon. I love the way he cleaned up his act. I love the way he puts 'every-thing-he-has' every play........but more than that...........have you guys noticed his interaction with fans at Mile High when he gets a touchdown.....He loves the fans. He is having as much fun with the touchdown as they are. He likes to hand out footballs--good for you Brandon--kinda exspensive--but good for you Brandon. I love Alridge--he was my dark-horse--maybe next year. I love Hillis--WOW--we have a real fullback....a FullBack that wasn't something before the NFL made him a fullback--he is a FullBack--and knows it.  I love Jack Williams, anyone that takes an int. over many yards for a TD..all of (now only me in la-la-land) loveya Jack. I could go on like this through the whole team but i would like to mention someone special.  I would have concern for where we are at linebacker (but I can't, la-la-land does allow concern).

Woodyard is another Tom Jackson--maybe better--I hope Shanny sees it.

Do any of you get butterflies in your stomach--the pre-season is over--after this it counts.

Do you have butterflies? I do.

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