Do you think they're going to need a helicopter?

To remove that giant freaking orange and blue egg from the middle of Arrowhead Stadium? Honestly, I don't think any of you could see it on TV, but after the game it was practically blocking out the sun.

You know what happened in that game? I'll tell you exactly what happened. At the beginning of the game, everything was flat. Flat like a big ol' pancake. The fans were out of it. The fans were intimidated by my dad and I in our Broncos shirts. People had bags over their heads, and they were already making plans to leave after the second quarter and go have lunch at Applebee's with their friends.

The Broncos were flatter. They came out and warmed up uninspiredly, with bored looks on their faces. They had no focus, no inspiration. Everything was just flat as Kansas. The Chiefs didn't get the memo. They took the ball and played inspired football. They handed it to Larry Johnson and he got a 65 yard run. And it was over.

The Chiefs were a team that, coming into this game, had not tasted victory in almost a year. They forgot what it was like to win a football game. And when we let LJ carve us up on that first drive, and then fumbled it away right after that, they got the taste. And when they got that taste, it left them wanting more. And then the crowd got into it. The Chiefs reacted to the adrenaline of the crowd. They flew around and made plays. They moved the ball. They shut down our d-line. They destroyed our transcendent offense. Every time we got in a third down situation, someone on their team came up with a play that was above his capability.

And  as the Chiefs got better, the Broncos regressed. They thought they could just will the ball down the field. They kept waiting for someone else to make a play instead of making it themselves. I don't like to point fingers, but Mike Shanahan needs to take the fall here. I know there are so many people you can blame (Cutler, Bly, the special teams, Cutler, the d-line) but it was his fault that this team came out flat and played not to lose. The Broncos always have had a tendency to play down to their level of competition. That is what separates us from the elite teams, and that is why this next stretch of the schedule scares me. We have patsies up until week 17, with the Falcons, Chiefs, Raiders, Browns, Jets... I can almost gurantee that we will lose two of those games, because we think that we can half-ass our effort and win based on talent.

And the turnovers! Four times we gave them a short field, and put our Swiss cheese defense on the spot. And on Cutler's second interception, Tony Scheffler was streaking down the middle of the field, wide open. I would know; it happpened right in front of me and I was pointing at Scheff and signaling touchdown before Jay even reached back to throw.There was no one near him, and yet Jay tried (again) to force the ball to Marshall. The bottom line is, an NFL offense has to hold on to the ball and score in the red zone, of which we did neither. We didn't just shoot ourselves in the foot in this one, we blew ourselves up with the fuel rod cannon from Halo.

We had a chance to prove everyone wrong this week. We had a chance to prove that we weren't just lucky; that we could overpower a team, and we blew it. In fact, we all but proved the "experts" right. Who knows? Maybe they really are experts, after all. Maybe we needed to lose this game, to give us a wake up call that we aren't really the best in the business. I don't think so; I think this team has their heads on straight, but we need to rebound next week, or Tampa Bay is going to kick our ass.

I will say another thing, the Chiefs fans really have forgotten how to win a game. I got called out three times in the stadium and twice in the parking lot on the way to my car by groups of drunk, belligerent a-holes who think it's fun to harass a sixteen year old because his team lost. Guess what? You're still 1-3. And we've got you again on 12/7. And when (not if) we destroy you, I won't say anything. I'll just stand there and smile. Maybe laugh, maybe even wink a little, and I'll enjoy the fact that you're the doormat of the NFL.

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