2008 NFL Draft - Denver Broncos

Josh McDaniels talks about Moreno, Ayers selections


Josh McDaniels talks about Denver's two first-round selctions - RB Knowshon Moreno and DE Robert Ayers

Jim Goodman Talks About the Draft


This is a transcript of Jim Goodman's conversation about the draft from this fanshot put up by JonT .  I've taken some liberties with some paraphrasing here and there, but the heart of what he was...

AFC Draft In Review


Baltimore Ravens Picks: QB Joe Flacco(1), RB Ray Rice(2), ILB Tavares Gooden(3), S Tom Zbikowski(3), OG Oniel Cousins(3), WR Marcus Smith(4), OT David Hale(4), S Haruki Nakamura(6), WR Justin...

2008 NFL Draft -- Denver Signs 7 Undrafted Free Agents


A quick introduction to some of the newest Broncos! Anthony Alridge (WR - Houston)  RB/WR  Don't tell Anthony that he is a dreaded 'tweener.  Reportedly responded to not being drafted by...

2008 NFL Draft -- Denver Selects FB, Peyton Hillis


The final pick in a nine pick draft.  KC will get a lot of credit for getting a lot of solid picks in this draft, but what else is to be expected of six picks on day one?  Whe it comes right down...

2008 NFL Draft -- Denver Selects SS, Josh Barrett


I'm not much for giving grades, but I would say that so far the draft has stacked up in the A-B range.  But this pick is the first that I really want to like but just can't get too enthusiastic...

2008 Draft - "Upon Further Review in the Booth..."


A companion to the in depth review of players taken in the 2008 draft that have been written by Styg50... There comes a time during a good Broncos game when a play goes horribly wrong. We all...

2008 NFL Draft -- Denver Selects ILB, Spencer Larsen


The first thing I did when I got ready to do this write-up on Larsen, was to go backand read everything I had on Wake Forest C, Steve Justice. Say what? I did that because I like the Larsen...

2008 NFL Draft -- Denver Selects DT, Carlton Powell


Regardless of how you rank our offseason needs, there is no doubt we had three critical issues to this teams success: Score TDs in the redzone Stop the run Improve STs As I peruse our 2008...

2008 NFL Draft -- Denver Selects RB Ryan Torain


Denver's most recent late round RB selection seems to be getting a bit of a cold shoulder from the faithful. For shame. If you have learned anyhting about these Denver Broncos it is that they...


2008 NFL Draft -- Denver Selects CB Jack Williams


You don't know Jack. And it is fairly debatable about whether you want to or not. First, let's get the obvious out of the way.  The guy is too small.  At 5' 9" (generously) he comes to a team...

2008 NFL Draft -- Broncos Select C, Korey Lichtensteiger


I didn't see this coming but I definitely love this pick. This is another nasty Olineman with good instincts and versatility, and what really excites me is what he can bring to Denver's running...

2008 NFL Draft 6th & 7th Rounds - Open Thread


Onto the 6th round!  Is this where we draft a kicker?  I am still hoping against hope for Xavier Omon!   Round 6 1.(167) Dallas Cowboys - DE Erik Walden, Middle Tennessee State 2.(168)...

2008 NFL Draft 5th Round Open Thread


Here we go, we have two picks in this round.  Who are we taking?   1.(136) Detroit Lions - WR Kenneth Moore, Wake Forest 2.(137) Minnesota Vikings - QB John David Booty, Southern Cal 3.(138)...

2008 NFL Draft Pick #119, The Denver Broncos Select...


The Broncos make DB Jack Williams  their second selection in the 4th round.  Talk about it here!

2008 NFL Draft Pick #108, The Denver Broncos Select...


The Broncos take OG Cory Lichtensteiger!  Talk about it here!

2008 NFL Draft 4th Round Open Thread


Finally, another selection for the Broncos.  The Broncos make 2 picks in the 4th round....Talk about them here....   1.(100) Oakland Raiders - CB Tyvon Branch, Connecticut 2.(101) St. Louis Rams...

2008 NFL Draft Round 3 Open Thread


I am going to be running around New York today so use this as the official Open Thread for the 3rd Round.  As it stands, the Broncos don't have a pick in the 3rd round, but with 7 picks remaining...

2008 Draft--Day 2 Primer


I'll just keep this short and sweet.  Going into the fourth round, Denver should see the last of the starter quality players coming off the board at the very deep classes of LB and RB.  Dollars to...

MHR Football University - 2008 Draft Day 1 Review


The speculation is over, and the first day is done. No moves were made up or down as Denver felt comfortable picking at their given slots. From a fan perspective this may have been a let...

2008 NFL Draft - Grade The Broncos Two First Picks


Before the draft I expressed my deisre for the Broncos to trade down.  I kept hope alive all the way until Roger Goodell said Ryan Clady's name.  It isn't that don't like Clady.  Just the...

2008 NFL Draft - Denver Selects WR, Eddie Royal


This pick is primarily about one thing, and that is CHARACTER. And even though Royal's skillset will probably make him a good choice to replace Stokely eventually in the slot, I will go out on a...

2008 NFL Draft - Broncos WR Eddie Royal Conference Call


On knowing the Broncos were interested in him “I had an idea. I spoke with them at the Senior Bowl, but I was totally shocked when I was picked. I got the call from [Head]...

2008 NFL Draft, Broncos OT Ryan Clady Conference Call


On whether he expected the Broncos to select him “Yeah, I knew the Broncos were interested in picking me up. I thought there was a good chance, and I wasn’t all that...

The 2008 NFL Draft Day Open Thread -- 1st Round(21-31)


Two-Thirds of the way through the draft.  Is it me, or are we flying through the First Round???   #21 Atlanta Falcons -- OT Sam Baker -- Another trade, another surprise.  I felt that Baker would...

Denver Broncos select Ryan Clady, OT


Clady is used to uphill battles. Whether he faces more of a battle trying to win over a town desperate for playmakers in the draft, or in trying to secure a starting spot agains incumbent Tackles...

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