2008 NFL Draft - Denver Broncos

Mike Shanahan, The Broncos and The Draft -- 1998


For the first time in team history the Broncos prepared for the 1998 NFL Draft as the defending Super Bowl Champions.  That means a lot of low round draft picks, and a lot of busts and fliers.  The...

SBNation Mock Draft Update....With the 42nd Pick, the Broncos Select....


Update time from the SBNation Mock Draft, where the Broncos 2nd Round Selection is on the clock.  After getting shredded for my selection of DE Derrick Harvey in the 1st Round, I have a feeling I...

Draft-Tek Mock Draft Update


The team reps over at Draft-Tek are holding yet another Mock Draft, with yours truly handling matters for the Broncos.As I stated yesterday, I made a trade to get a 3rd round pick.  The details are...

Chris Williams V. Ryan Clady


Chris Williams OT Vanderbilt 6'6", 315lbs, 5.13 40yd Which Legacy? One has been in the service of the king, and would like to be again. The other has flown the colors and namesake of our...

2008 Draft: Devin Thomas, WR


Almost Too Obvious To be sure, when the frantic first hour of the draft is ticking by, Shanahan and the Goodmans will be calling around to other team's warrooms looking for a feasible, and...

2008 Draft Order: Latest Update


The latest update of the MHR Draft Order chart is done, and as always, you can download it as a printable PDF.This version includes the 32 compensatory selections (none for Denver, of course), some...

A Look at Earl Bennett


First Things First Due to popular request I thought I would give us Bronco's fans some notes to ponder on the junior WR out of Vanderbilt.  The first thing to establish, is what is this...

Pick #42: Chris Johnson?


I know that many Bronco fans were looking at Jonathon Stewart to be worth our #12 pick in the draft, but with our most pressing needs at WR and on the DL, you might have had a hard time convincing...

MHR Draft Resource: Draft Pick Chart


This is an up to date chart that is labeled with each team, the number of the pick and any notes regarding who got which pick from where.  Below the fold are the notes themselves, as well as a...

Know Your NFL Combine: An MHR 2008 Draft Resource


Welcome to the first of a planned extensive line of Resources for the Denver Broncos fan, courtesy of the many minds here at MHR. This initial foray is intended to garner some feedback from the MHR...

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