I have a few thoughts

So I was laying in bed last night thinking about my beloved Broncos.  I was thinking I would post my thoughts on here.  Kinda scary huh?  I was laying in bed thinking of you guys.  Relax.  It ain't like that.  Your thought s on my thoughts would be greatly appreciated...

1.  I think I'm ok with the Shanahan firing.  Initially I was really upset since I am a huge "Shanafan".  Now that I've had time to think about it and throw some positive spins on it, I think we will be alright.  Maybe Mike's message had gotten stale.  I don't want to say the players needed fresh ideas or anything like that.  Most players get that stuff all the time.  1/3 of most rosters get turned over every year and Denver is definitely in that most group.  I'm guessing the message got stale to Pat Bowlen. 

2.   I think Pat Bowlen took a  HUGE  gamble firing Shanahan  to get McDaniel.  Yes I think he wanted McDaniel the whole time.  I hate to be a conspiracy theorist but that is what I'm thinking.  Pat Bowlen saw a younger version of Mike Shanahan working in New England and wanted him really bad.  With the 3 mediocre years in a row for his team, his decision was easier to make.  I'm guessing he did not have a plan B for a coach if he didn't get his guy.  I'll just say he would have hired a defensive guy so the fans wouldn't burn his house down.

3.  I think hiring a defensive guy like Spagnoulo or Frazier or the Tampa guy would have been a mistake.  We have fantastic personnel on the offensive side of the ball.  That is the strength of this team.  On defense, we have basically what amounts to 2 excellent players, some average players,  and the rest is garbage.  Tony Dungy was brought in to build the D in Indy.  They have, for the most part, had bad defenses since he has been there.  Brian Billick was brought in to Baltimore to build the offense.  They, for the most part, had bad offenses.  While both of these coaches won Superbowls, it was not because of what they specialize in.  I don't really know where I'm going with this.  These 2 guys may be bad examples.  I just think Pat made the right decision hiring Josh McDaniels.

4.  I think part of the reason for hiring McD was to hopefully make Jay Cutler play more like Tom Brady.  I love having Jay at the helm.  His physical tools put Tom Brady's to shame.  Tom Brady's mental tools put Jay Cutler's to shame.  Oh my freaking God can you imagine the possibilities if Jay Cutler had the ability to find the open guy like Brady does.  McD has to be drooling.  I think he knows Cutler easily has the mental tools to play like Brady.

5.  I think our defense will be bad for a long time.  It comes down to players and we don't have them.  We need d-line, we need d-line, we need d-line!  I don't care if we bring in Jesus Christ to coach the D.  Without players, it ain't gonna work!  We need d-line, we need d-line, we need d-line!   Did I mention we need d-line?

6.  I think Jarvis Moss will be out of the NFL in 2 years.  He will play for us next year and again do nothing.  He will be released and someone will pick him up and again do nothing.  He will be released again and done.  Believe you me.  I'm not happy about it.  I will be more than happy to eat crow on this one.

7.  I think our d-line is an absolute joke.  O-lines have to look forward to playing our d-line.  I'm still holding out hope on Marcus Thomas, but everybody else is a back-up on other teams.  I like Engleberger being that he is a fellow Hokie, but he is a back up.   Ebenezer is a past his prime player whose prime was just ok.  He is a back up.  DRob is alright.  He is a back up.  Our d-line is full of basically back up players with only 1 with potential.  And I don't think it's star potential.  He has potential to be better than a back up.  Did I mention we need d-line?

8.  I think we need a nice, quiet, uneventful, everybody forget about him, off-season from Brandon Marshall.

9.  Cutler, Sheff, and Marshall need to go back to Florida this summer and work out together again.  Eddie, you are invited too.

10.  As much as I hate the MSM and the disrespect they show the Broncos, they are right.  With the exception of 2005, we have done nothing since 1999.

11.  We don't need anymore running backs!  I've read some people on here saying we need to draft a durable RB.  They break down.  Period.  You treat a running back like an outlaw treats his horse.  You ride that nag till it drops!

12.  Mike Shanahan and the Broncos have been snake bit by injuries more than any team the last 3 years.  I have no facts to back that up, but it HAS to be true.  A testament to the greatness of Shanahan.

13.  Did I mention we need d-line?

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