Handicapping the Head Coaching Search

Well, at least we might as well have some fun with this, I can't take bets legally, but here is my take on who will be the next head coach of the Broncos.  From the perspective of a vegas odds maker.

Steve Spagnuola: Current Odds 2-1, The odds on favorite, he fits what Denver needs in a defense minded coach who brings a pressure 4-3 approach that will fit the current personnel.  Obvious detractions will be that he has no prior HC experience and he only has three years as a DC.  There is also some speculation that he is an "east coast" guy who will not want to move from the northeast, speculation that I find silly since every east coast person I run into loves Denver.

Bill Cowher: Current Odds 4-1, A fan favorite, he brings unquestioned talent and ability to motivate a team, coach up talent, and get the most fom his players.  Detractions would be that he may want to bring in his own staff at the detriminent of offense coaches that are on staff that Bowlen and Cutler want to remain (primarily Bates).  Other speculation is he wants similar control that Shanahan had and Bowlen will be opposed to that situation again.

Bob Stoops: Current Odds 4-1, The "dark horse" canidate brings a defensive background and success throughout his college career.  A national title in his back pocket and a possible second one after he is hired.  Advantages will be his familiarity with existing college talent in that he has scouted and recruited many of the top players that will be drafted in the next four years (Jimmy Johnson had a similar advantage).  Stoops is also familar with Pat Bowlen and the Broncos organization.  Detractions is that regardless of the success of a college, most college coaches tend to struggle in the pro ranks and the NFL game can demand more than many of these coaches expect.  In addition, Pat Bowlen may not want to take away Stoops from his alma marte.

Raheem Morris: Current Odds 8-1, The "hot" and "sexy" canidate is both young and unproven; however, has impressed both John Gruden and Monte Kiffin in his ability and football smarts.  He is a Tampa -2 coach that may be able to get vast improvement in the existing personnel since they seem to match the scheme with their talent. The youngest canidate with least experience, it would be highly unlikely that Pat Bowlen would roll the dice for an unproven commodity.  Advantage is that he would ikely be the cheapest alternative.

Jason Garrett: Current Odds 10-1, Another young rising start, he brings fresh offensive ideas and would likely have minimal changes to the offensive staff.  Obvious disadvantages is that he brings no defensive credentials or HC experience, in addition he currently makes 3 million and will likely be promoted to HC in Dallas after next season should Jones decide to keep Wade Phillips as HC. 

Josh McDaniels: Current Odds 10-1, The OC that was responsible for Tom Brady's incredible year last year and did an amazing job this year after Brady went down and likely made Tom Brady's back-up a millionaire, he has shown he can be creative with an offense.  Likely a deal that would include bringing Scott Piolli as GM, the detractions would again be no HC experience and a background that does not address this team's glaring needs.

Rest of the field: Jim Schwartz, Kirk Frantz, Jim Harbaugh, Rex Ryan, Jim Johnson, Jim Fassel, Leslie Frazier: Current Odds 10-1, With anything there can be an upset, all of the coaches listed has advanatges and disadavnatges; however, with Pat Bowlen need to name a new Head Coach quickly, I don't see much chances with the rest of the field, unless there are dramatic developments with other teams in the next few days.

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