Patchwork D...If we can even call it that

         Well as we all know and most of you have posted comments on how dreadful our defense was last year. The scary part is that I still believe we are a couple seasons away from getting to where we need to be. I am as optimistic as any I have high hope and expectation that Coach Nolan will bring the 3-4 scheme and it will work for us and our undersized lineman and the speed we have at linebacker.

           But first lets just take a look at just how bad it really was..because we all know and hate to admit it has to get worse before it gets better and there were only 4 other teams that were worse in total defense then we were so I guess that means this year is the start of "it gets better"....

Total Defense for the Denver Broncos during the 2008 Season:

Ranked 29th overall in YPG better than only the Seahawks (yikes!), Chiefs(wretch!), and the team formally known as the Detroit Lions (0-16 says enough)..and the proof is in the pudding all those teams are drafting in the top 5 on draft day.

Ranked 25th overall in 3rd Down% Defense, first of all this you can't make the playoffs if you can't get your defense off the field on third down they converted 44% of the team against us. Ouch that and not being able to force turnovers is just a blueprint for a bad defense.

448 Points Against-Now I know that Arizona is pretty much proven this stat wrong but there is no way in hell we will win the AFC West when the only other teams to give up more points then us...yes again the 2-14 Chiefs and the 0-16 Lions. We should be pretty gracious to even ended up 8-8 thank god for our offense look at the teams we are surrounded by in the defensive categories its pitiful we are not the same caliber team or orginization as the Detroit Lions. We are leaps and bounds better.

Ranked 27th overall in Rush Defense while giving up 5 yards per carry. Well that might explain the 27th overall ranking every 2 times they hand off the ball its a first down. Again let me point out that only teams we did better than in this category were, Cleveland, St.Louis, KC, Oakland,Detroit. Winning teams start with  running the ball well and stopping the run just as well.

Ranked 26th overall in Pass Defense, allowed 20 TD passes and only intercepted 6 balls. Yes i know it was so small you might not of seen it so ill say it again only 6! interceptions all year. I know interceptions have been a problem for us for the last couple of years i know Champ had a good season with 8 or 10 or so in 2005 but come on he had 10 alone we had 6 as a team that just not gonna cut it. I know Champ was hurt and we have a lot of youth in our secondary but someone has to make a play on the ball when its in the air.

Turnovers our defense had a measley 13 there's 16 games in a season. What else can i say less than one turnover a game by a long shot. And it's proven causing turnovers is one of the biggest keys to winning. The Baltimore Ravens are a shining example they had absolutely no offense but forced the most turnovers and somehow finished 11-5 why? because of turnovers. And in the playoffs the Arizona Cardinals yes the SUPER BOWL BOUND ARIZONA CARDINALS have forced 12 turnovers in 3 games this postseason and thats probably the only other reason besides Larry Fitz that they are in the big game.

So Coach Nolan I propose this patchwork to you and I hope you and the staff we have can insert the 3-4 scheme and maybe some new players here or there (BJ RAJI!!) and take us to the promised land.

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