Who couldn't run behind that line, the myth of 1st round RBs.


The following lists the starting offensive lines for the Super Bowl winners since the Giants vs. Bills. I apologize for the formating but I couldn't get the excel table to import, but the stars next to the names indicates pro-bowl players, ** was someone voted all-nfl, and *** is HOF. As you can see the vast majoirty of teams that won the Super Bowl had/have a pro-bowl LT (88%) and 72% had/have a pro-bowl center, 50% had a pro-bowl LG, and 27% had a pro-bowl RT, and 22% had a pro-bowl RG. You can also see that the majority of the teams had/have multiple pro-bowl players on the offensive line with only the Packers, Rams, Buceneers, and Ravens having only one pro-bowl player.

What we can see that it is far more important to have a solid offensive line than a top flight RB. The example can be made regarding Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders, both were first round picks and both put up amazing numbers, but Smith was arguably the worse back but won Super Bowls and rushing titles because of his offensive line.

So this should make most of us here happy, we arguably have the best young offensive tackles in the league, and if K-lich can eventually become as solid as Nalen and Weigman, we should be golden for many years to come, regardless of who handles the rock.

Doug Reisenberg Eric Moore Bart Oates* William Roberts* Jumbo Elliot*

Joe Jacoby* Mark Schlearth* Jeff Bostic Raleigh McKenzie ** Jim Lachey*

Erik Williams* John Gesek Mark Stepnoski* Nate Newton* Mark Tuinei*

Erik Williams* Kevin Gogan* John Gesek Nate Newton* Mark Tuinei*

Harris Barton Derrick Deese Bart Oates* Jesse Sapolu* Steve Wallace*

Erik Williams* Larry Allen* Derek Kenard Nate Newton* Mark Tuinei*

 Earl Dotson Adam Timmerman Frank Winters* Aaron Taylor Bruce Wilkerson

Tony Jones* Brian Habib Tom Nalen* Mark Schlearth* Gary Zimmerman***

Harry Swane Dan Neil Tom Nalen* Mark Schlearth* Tony Jones*

Fred Miller Adam Timmerman Mike Gruttadauria Tom Nutten Orlando Pace*

Harry Swane Mike Flynn Jeff Mitchell Edwin Muilitalo Jonathan Ogden*

Greg Robison-Randall Joe Andruzzi Damian Woody* Mike Compton Matt Light*

Kenyatta Walker Cosey Coleman Jeff Christy* Kerry Jenkins Roman Oben

Tom Ashworth Joe Andruzzi Dan Koppan* Russ Hochstein Matt Light*

Brandon Gorin Stephen Neal Dan Koppan* Joe Andruzzi Matt Light

 Max Starks Kendall Simmons Jeff Hartings* Alan Faneca* Marvel Smith*

Ryan Diem, Jack Scott Jeff Saturday* Ryan Lilja Tarik Glenn*

Kareem McKenzie Chris Snee* Shaun O'hara* Rich Seubert David Deihl

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