The fate of some players?...

 So it may be too early to say this but I have been looking at some of the fan posts and reading or trying to read between the lines of Josh McDaniels Comments. I have been looking at some of our players and kind of trying to break down who I think Coach wants to keep. I dont think the cap will have ANYTHING to do with releasing players other than when we do or how we do it. that being said there are only a few people i consider locks on our team:


  • Jay Cutler
  • Ryan Torain
  • Peyton Hillis
  • B-Marsh
  • Eddie Royal
  • Brandon Stokely
  • Daniel Graham
  • Tony Scheffler
  • Ryan Clady
  • Ryan Harris
  • Ben Hamilton
  • Chris Kuper
  • Casey Wiegman
  • Champ Bailey
  • Josh Barrett
  • Dre Bly
  • Jack Williams
  • DJ
  • Spence
  • WW
  • Doom
  • Marcus Thomas
  • Dewayne Robertson
  • Tim Crowder
  • Jarvis Moss

That's it. Im not saying everyone but these players will go, I am saying this is who we will build around. Why? here are my reasons.

Jay- Franchise QB nuff said

Torain- Looked good in limited play putting him and Hillis on the field together could be dangerous but the big reason is he is so young he can be taught.

Hillis- This boy coudl very well end up the best of the Arkansas trio. He plays with a down hill feeling and can pick up the cutback.

B-Marsh -Jay's go to guy

Royal- a second threat

Stokes- Best slot in the game

Graham- one of the best blocking TE in the game and can catch a few balls here and there

Scheff- Guy can be good but we gotta keep him healthy

The starters on tHe O-Line- Nuff said!

Champ- yeah I really see us parting with the best CB in teh league

Dre- I am one who calls for dumping Dre a lot but the dude keeps playing and you cant fault him. his style is to trust the safeties.

JMFW- young and can learn. between champ and dre he coudl end up being a great corner himself

Barrett- dude is pretty beastly i mean covering gates and gonzales is a big job and he did well for a rook.

DJ- He just got an extension and is the most versatile player on defense. we coudl put him about anywhere.

Spence- dude looks good on both sides of the ball but THAT HIT sealed the deal for me. I could handle him inside

WW- kid has some speed and a nose for the play. now we just need someone to teach him which play to sniff out.

DOOM- what can I say this guy is one of my favorites. I am still thinking through the move to the OLB spot. I think he is retained and learns one spot or the other

Thomas- Kid has some ability. Needs a solid presence next to him. I am also still looking at his move to DE. As Spock pointed out he has some smarts to him as well

Robertson- What I saw early on I disliked. as the season went on we got worse but robertson wasnt giving up too many plays he was just getting moved out of the way. bulk up and hit the film room!

Moss- Hey what can I say I hope the kid works out. I would actually be ok with him in a OLB Spot but situationally. He woudl end up as a big pass rush guy on downs like 2nd and 15 and such.

The rest of the team while I wouldn't go so far as to say dump them, I see them as being people that could lose their jobs. Carlton Powell and Anthony Alridge are two of last years class that I never got to see so I can not evaluate them.Alright Ladies and gents, rip me apart.



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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