Straight from the Horse's Mouth -- Bob Stoops Scouting Report


Yea, I know, Stoops isn't a candidate for the job.  Let's just say I am playing all the angles.  Stoops' Sooners plya in the BCS Championship Game tomorrow night against Florida.  During the week, when asked, Stoops has denied being contacted by the Broncos and said he had no interest in the job.  Yet here we are, 6 candidates interviewed and still no clear-cut leader.  So, to help pass the time, I reached out to SBNation's Oklahoma Sooners blog Crimson and Creme Machine to get his take on Stoops and whether or not he would make a good NFL Head Coach --

MHR -- Would Stoops be able to make the transition to the NFL?

CCM -- Obviously I would like to say yes here because I thing the world of Coach Stoops but I just don't know. I'm confident that Stoops is good enough with the X's and O's of football to be successful but the NFL is about a lot more than just schemes and strategy. I don't know how he would do in making personnel decisions, handling player's egos, a salary cap and having an owner who needs to win to better market the team in order to turn a profit. The NFL is just such a different game.

MHR -- Would he be a good fit for the Broncos?

CCM -- In a perfect world I would say yes. Stoops is a guy that players love playing for. He is intense and has a proven track record of winning. He is involved in the community and is fan friendly. He comes across a little brash with the media sometimes but I think it is, like most football coaches, he gets annoyed with pointless questions.

MHR -- What are his philosophies on offense and defense?

CCM -- He's a defense first type of guy. He likes to have a dominant line that causes havoc in the backfield with a linebacking corps and secondary with blazing speed. A Bob Stoops defense will play to stop the run first and then rely on various blitzing schemes and the defensive ends to pressure the quarterback.

On offense it's a little more difficult to understand what his philosophy is. He has basically reinvented the offense at Oklahoma three times in his ten years as head coach. With, current Texas Tech Head Coach, Mike Leach as the offensive coordinator OU threw the ball everywhere with schemes that made you scratch your head and wonder out loud, "what the heck they were doing?" Then came current Kansas Jayhawks Head Coach, Mark Mangino as the offensive coordinator who brought more balance to the offense but continued to run some of the trick plays and craziness that Leach started.

Now, under current offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson Oklahoma has rewritten the record books with a fast-paced spread attack that produced two 1,000 yard running backs and a Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback. So, it really is hard to say what he prefers other than to know that when he has an offensive coordinator that he trusts he gives him control.

MHR -- Deep down, How interested in the NFL do you believe Stoops is?

CCM -- I really don't think that he is at all. I stated in this post that all football coaches seek out and thrive under job security and the NFL just doesn't offer the type of security that Stoops has in Norman. Here is a guy who has won six conference championships in his first ten years at Oklahoma and has earned the right to name his price at any institution of franchise that may come calling. In the end Norman has become home for him and I just don't see him uprooting his family at this stage to bolt for the NFL.

Our thanks to the guys over at Crimson and Creme Machine for taking time out to answer a few question for us.

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