The revisit..

I know most of you don't really care to read let alone think about the enigma that was Jay Cutler any more.. but honestly I think we should thank him. :-O

Sound a little crazy? Make up your own mind..

Jay provided us with 2 first round picks who in my opinion turned out to be Knowshon Moreno and Alphonso Smith.. and a 3rd round pick.. which is a little more complicated but is basically Richard Quinn. Now you can argue the Moreno one but it is either him or Ayers and i honestly don't think they would have gone for Moreno without having 2 first round picks.. either way they are both turning out well so far.

Ayers is learning.. he is seeing more time on the field now.. which is a good sign. He has made some pretty good plays in the running game.. stopping the runner in the backfield more than once. He has also been very influential on a couple of our sacks because of the pressure he was putting on the QB which drove the QB right into the arms of DOOM! (The arms of DOOM - doesn't that sound good! lol)

Everyone can see that Moreno is going to be special - and is a 3 down back.. which if i recall was the only slur on him oh and his speed.. which is an overrated quality anyway.. his game speed is amazing.. the cuts.. his vision.. his adjustments.. we have yet to see if he has break away speed but I'm sure he will do fine. He was also voted rookie of the week last week and is up for it again this week.. don't forget to vote!

The Phonz was doing great before he tweaked his ankle.. and JMFW has taken over and is playing very well so phonzy will probably get a chance to rest a while longer but he looked just as good as advertised when he was playing in the first couple of games. Also consider that JMFW probably hasn't just magically learned how to play.. he probably has been that good all along and for phonzy to have beaten him in camp for the nickel corner spot, IMO, says a lot about the abilities of Smith.

Quinn made one mistake last game.. but seriously the dude is learning behind Graham and Scheff.. he has a lot of natural talent and i think he is going to an elite TE in our future.. So far when he has been needed in the running game he has done what he was supposed to do!

Ok so we have all those impressive rookies just because of Jay.. but wait there is more!

Jay also gave us a  player who was has just been named AFC Offensive player of the week!

The quarterback was recognized by the NFL after completing 35-of-48 (72.9%) passes for 330 yards with two touchdowns and one interception (Hail Mary pass attempt) for a 96.7 rating in Denver's 20-17 overtime win against New England on Sunday. He led two touchdown drives of at least 10 plays and 90 yards against the Patriots, including a 12-play, 98-yard drive late in the fourth quarter that tied the game and eventually forced overtime.

That player is the QB.. KYLE ORTON!

This season Kyle has completed 104 of 165 passing attempts that is a 63 completion percentage. 7 TD's to 1 INT.. which should not really count anyway.. A total of 1,236 yards and a passer rating of 97.4% which puts him .5 behind Matt Shaub who is in third place so far in the AFC pro bowl consideration.. (See OrangeKnuckleDragger's good break down of how Orton is in the hunt for pro bowl honours this year!)

Watch Kyle in action again from this week...

NFL - Broncos playbook analysis of Orton

NFL - Drive of the week

Just imagine Kyle did make the pro bowl this year and some team would make a trade for him with a similar value to what what got for Jay, Brandstater would start next year and Josh would make him a star then a team would trade for him for 2 first rounders and 2 good players and a box of chocolates..

Ok just kidding I like Kyle as our QB but it kind of puts it in perspective, the term pro bowl QB allowed us to improve our talent stock a lot!

This last video Fex Ex Air and Groud player of the week is what prompted me to write this.. Marshall Faulk.. who always manges to annoy me what ever he is talking about.. Says near the end that he won't say that Josh letting go of Jay was a smart move..

To answer that this quote from the Steve Wyche report is important.

Bowlen singled out the way McDaniels singularly absorbed the criticism for trading Pro Bowl QB Jay Cutler to the Bears in exchange for Kyle Orton and draft picks, although it was an organizational decision.

So firstly it was not all on Josh. Secondly, we did not just do a swap for Kyle Orton although that swap wouldn't be looking to bad if we knew how well Orton was going to fit in here.. Thirdly, Josh did know how well Orton was going to fit in here. Fourthly, we have greatly increased our depth in key areas with talented rookies, who right now seem to be turning out very well.

I would say that it is looking like a very, very smart move..

Getting rid of a player who notoriously doesn't like criticism, didn't want to change QB coach or Offensive coordinator.. because he liked the style of play he has and would not have done well with Josh's teaching style.. Was a bit to much of a me first type to fit into our new locker room and often as i stated at the begining was an enigma.. he would be great one day flat the next.. /threw almost as many TDs as INTs and generally wouldn't learn from his mistakes.

For a player who is the total opposite, accepts criticism, wants to learn and improve, is consistent, doesn't turn the ball over much and plays for the team. Add to that the crew of rookies that will help to make this franchise great from the next few years and i would say it was a very smart move indeed.. not just on the behalf of Josh but also, as Bowlen says, the whole organisation who made the decision together.

To finish off this is probably not the first revisit to this subject you have seen and it definetly won't be the last but i think it is improtant for us Bronco fans to realise the total value that Jay gave us and how much he has improved our football team by not being on it any more.. and for that i would like to say.. Thank You!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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