RiG's Picks & Thoughts & Questions

Alright I researched all the teams and posted up my picks.  Ive done more research than it looks like.  I'm just not that good at explaining why I pick who I picked.  


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 1:00 ET At Washington -6.5 Kansas City 37.5

I'm not going to bet on this game but my pick would  Washington -6.5 +0 units


 1:00 ET At Cincinnati -5 Houston 45

I think this has the makings of a trap game and don't want to get caught in it.  I'm going to stay away but would take the bengals if need be.

 1:00 ET At Pittsburgh -14 Cleveland 38 +1.5 units

I like pitt here.  Tomlin will prepare them well and they'll easily squash clevland by 14


 1:00 ET At Minnesota -3 Baltimore, over 43.5 +0,2 units

I like over 43.5 here; think they both can score over 20


1:00 ET At Jacksonville -9.5 St. Louis 42.5 +1.5 units


 1:00 ET At New Orleans -3 NY Giants over 47.5 +.5 units


 1:00 ET Carolina -3.5 At Tampa Bay under 40 +.5 units


 1:00 ET At Green Bay -13.5 Detroit 48.5 +1 unit

Detriot has been very competitive


 4:05 ET Philadelphia -14 At Oakland 40.5 +3 units

I think this game will be on the verge of a shut out


 4:05 ET At Seattle -3 Arizona 47 +1.5 units

Hassel is back, 3 points should be nothing in this kind of game


 4:15 ET At NY Jets -9.5 Buffalo 38 +.5 units

Both of these teams seem to be collapsing, but the Jets are defiantly better. 9 and half better? -you'd better bet.


 4:15 ET At New England -9.5 Tennessee 43.5 +2 units

Maybe this week tennesse comes back? NO. NE is mad/ has something to prove. Tenn is used up


 8:20 ET At Atlanta -3 Chicago over 46 +.5 units

tough to pick, probably Chicago with the points


 8:35 ET At San Diego -4 Denver 44 +2 units

I'd say under too, but denver may score too much :)  We show em who's boss of the AFC (west)



Alright next week Ill add up how I did to see how much money you'd woulda won had you believed me



Who do we draft?

Well if last year was any indication it could be anything.  BPA type of thing.  And judging from what we have it seems to have worked out pretty well.

positions to increase depth: basically the whole team except TE and possibly QB.

ideal positions to draft to become starters someday:  OC, OG, NT, DE, SAF

but what position do you think we would most likley go for in the first round? I'd have to say Dline unless we have to draft an heir to a free agent loss.  Which reminds we have a few guys with expiring contracts heading into next season.

Notably: Orton, Hamilton, Kuper, Dumervil, Marshall, Scheffler

That seems like a lot of money, if we have it to spend on contracts.  I remember last year I think we had 30+ million free but we spent a lot of that so I dont know.  Any one know? If we have to lose any of them i hope its Hamilton, I don't want to lose Kuper hed probably be one of the last I let go considering hes not going to be 10+ million a year.

but it seems to me we don't have many superstar contracts right now, except Baily.  So I'm hopin we have enough dough.  And Baily's contract is near its end, so a new back loaded contract may fit like a puzzle piece.

Too much to think about in the middle of the season. GO BRONCOS!! 16-3!

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