The Weekly "I'm Tired" Rant - Version 6-0


1.  I'm tired of "Bye Weeks".  Come on NFL!  What are you thinking?  You created and then feed this crazy NFL/Denver Bronco addiction of mine... and now your going to rob me of any "fix" this week?  While I am huddled in the corner going through withdraws, you are probably laughing and shaking your head at my agony.  Can't you come up with some kind of solution for me... Maybe a "Bye Week Patch" that I can wear that will cause me to black out and wake up right before Game-Time next week?  I know there is other football to watch, but there isn't any "Bronco" Football to watch.   It's like watching a JV game... it's football... just not the BEST football.

2.  I'm tired of the 5-0 Broncos being a 3 point underdog to a 2-2 team.  That is just plain stupid.  I know it is a trend thing... I know that the odds are set to attract $$$ into the pot... but that IS the thing.  It proves that people don't really believe that Denver is legit, and the real question is why?  My take?  Because the media fed the people, "Denver Sucks" all year long, the average Joe out there is just blindly following along.  They don't think for themselves, they just regurgitate what the MSM feeds them.  Come On People!  Use the Brain that God Gave YOU! 

But still, after the Broncos beat down the Chargers last night, the ESPN guys, led by Steve Young couldn't bring themselves to credit the Broncos for winning.  The only thing they could do was talk about how poorly San Diego played.  Steve Young's first comment on the game was the most telling of all.  "Maybe San Diego's back wasn't up against the wall enough?"  and then he went on to talk about how potentially unbeatable the Chargers were.  I wonder if he would blame a 5 year old kid who couldn't get a Lolly Pop from a 200 lb 30 year old, for simply not wanting it enough.  Maybe his hunger for the Lolly pop just wasn't what it needed to be.  Hey Steve?  Any chance that maybe the Broncos are a better team?  Could that be a possibility?  You might want to think about it a bit.  They just beat the 2-3 team that you just described as "unbeatable".

3.  I'm tired of regular season NFL games in Europe.  Hey NFL... your name is the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE.  This is not the "International Football League" or the "US and Europe Football League" or the "World Football League"... it's the National Football League, and you should keep it that way.  If you want to play games over-seas, then play some preseason games over there.  The travel issues... the distraction issues... the loss of a home-field advantage... it just seems as if you water down the NFL by trying to export the league overseas.  I know why they are doing it... but that doesn't mean that I have to like it. 

I love that America has something that is distinctly American.  Americans have made Football what it is, we continue to invest in it, we continue to develop it, and we continue to make it bigger and better.  We start our children at the age of 4 or 5 with Nerf-Balls and Kiddie Helmets, and then we progress them from Flag Football, into Pop Warner, into Jr. High and High School, and then into College Football, which is almost as big as the NFL.  It is from this talent pool, that the NFL draws it's players and develops it's teams.  If you think about how much we have invested in developing the best football talent in the world, why then would we want to send it overseas?  Don't we also deserve to reap the full rewards of our investment?  Don't get me wrong, I don't hate other countries... I just love America!

4.  I'm tired of the "Prevent" Defense and am so glad that Mike Nolan didn't start playing it once the Broncos got the lead.  In my mind, teams that slip into "Prevent" mode really start playing "not to lose" rather than playing to win.  When you start playing that way, you stop enforcing your will on the other team, and you allow the other team to enforce their will on you.  It's a huge momentum shift!  Why would you stop doing what has been effective all game long, and embrace a completely different strategy?  Pittsburgh let SD right back into the game by playing "Prevent D" once they got a big lead.  On the other hand, Mike Nolan stuck it right in the Charger's face by trusting his defense, his game-plan, and his second half adjustments.  To me... this was one of the biggest things I saw in last nights game.

5.  I'm tired of 6-0 already... bring on Baltimore and 7-0 baby!


Here are a few things that I am NOT tired of...

1.  I am NOT tired of the second half domination by our entire team!  10 total points allowed by our team all season long.  ZERO third down conversions in the second half over the last 4 games (that is just sick!).   They are outscoring opponents by 66 points in the second half.  I love that "Fourth Quarter Kyle" becomes a machine down the stretch.  When the team needs to go and "put em' away", they have consistently marched down and got it done.  I think I am liking "KO Kyle" more and more every game!

2.  I will say this right now.  Darcel McBath and David Bruton were great draft picks and are going to be great Broncos in the years to come.  McBath got off to a slow start in replacing Brian Dawkins, but picked it up as the game went on.  Bruton was all over on special teams, and is flat out fast... outrunning Eddie Royal on both return TD's.  Those two guys are contributing in a big way for the team this year, and something I could never get tired of.

3.  I am NOT tired of there being a different guy carrying the load each week.  Just as McDaniels said in his post-game presser, "We're just going out there and taking what they give us."  One week it's Marshall, the next it's Royal, the next it's Buck or Moreno.  This week it was Sheff.  How difficult is this team to game plan against?  This team is learning the power of playing unselfish team oriented football.... and it is very powerful... 6-0 powerful!!!

4.  I am NOT tired of my "wife" catching Bronco Football fever.  She had never watched a NFL game... ever... until this year(I know, this is very sad... she had very oppressive upbringing in a Cowboy household).  However, a few weeks ago she came down to the "Man-Cave" and watched the last half of the Cincy game with me.  She laughed her fool head off at me when Stokes caught the game winner, and I went "nutzo", but I think that was what caught her.  Last week, she said she thought maybe she needed a Bronco's sweatshirt, which I happily went and purchased for her.  So yesterday, on her way to work she sent me a text that said... "Go Broncos!"  My reply:  "I have never loved you as much as I do right now!"   Who would have thought that the Broncos could help my marriage? LOL!

What an amazing year to be a Broncos Fan! 


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