Upset Picks of Week 7

Ouch! 1-3 last week.  Week 6 brutalized me like a drunk brutalizes his red-headed step child. Every risk I took I got punked, except of course, my Broncos. So really, I'm not going to complain too much. 6-0 makes me feel warm and fuzzy even when disaster strikes!

I'm still pissed most about the Ravens game. It's time to find a kicker who can make kicks in a FREAKING DOME you BUM! In any case, I still blew it in the worst was with the New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks. The Seachickens are the most irritating team in the league. In fact, I'll be picking against this weekend and they'll probably put up another 40-berger and shutout. Bums!

Now, onto WEEK 7!

Last Week: 1-3
Overall Record: 14-11

*NOTE* For those who wonder, I look at the percentages from Yahoo! and take a look at my picks and compare them to what everyone else picked on that website.  If a team has under 30% then I would consider it a high risk pick, a team that has been picked between 30-40% would rank as a medium risk, and 41% to 59% would be a low risk pick.

High Risk Upset Picks:

Playing it safe, no picks

I was very tempted to take Oakland over the Jets, but then I realized that *I* could be put in at QB for the Jets and outplay JaMarcus Russell. I'd be a damned fool to take Oakland against any team, even the Eagles!

Other possible high risk upset picks I did not pursue:

Oakland Raiders over New York Jets
Kansas City Chiefs over San Diego Chargers
Buffalo Bills over Carolina Panthers
Arizona Cardinals over New York Giants

Medium Risk Upset Picks:

I'm a coward, no medium risk picks either!

Besides, there was only one medium risk pick this week and I wasn't about to go with the Crabstrees..err, 49ers. Houston looks like they are finding some rhythm, but this is usually when they lose too. If Crabtree was still holding out, I'd go San Francisco all the way - so I'm going Houston. lol

Other possible medium risk upset picks I did not pursue:

San Francisco 49ers over Houston Texans

Low Risk Upset Picks:

Pittsburgh Steelers over Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are ahead of the Broncos in most polls even though the Broncos have had the toughest schedule for an undefeated team and the Vikings have had the easiest. I think the Viking stock bubble pops this weekend against a Steeler team that is beginning to regain its mojo. I'm looking for a big enough lead that Favre tries too hard, in his typical fashion. Steelers 37, Vikings 24.

Cincinnati Bengals over Chicago Bears

The Jay Cutler bandwagon ended last week. I have a feeling the Bears might win this game, but I have to go with who I think has the better team on both sides of the ball. The Bengals can run the ball and pass the ball, while the Bears are a one dimensional passing team('08 broncos anyone?), while the Bears passing defense has been suspect all season. Bengals 27, Bears 17.

Dallas Cowboys over Atlanta Falcons

This is my riskiest play of the week. Dallas barely grades out as a "low risk" at just over 40%. The Falcons are a good, playoff team - I just expect Dallas to come out swinging hard with desperation. Sometimes you just have to go against the grain and take a risk...this game feels like one of those games.  Then again, so did that Ravens-Vikings game!  Cowboys 34, Falcons 20.


Not a lot of huge potential upset games out there and since the Broncos aren't playing this week, I am a little worried. The Broncos have bailed me out or made my upset picks better each week. However, now I have to stand on my own two feet and take it! There are several games that could go either way, so I look forward to watching this week.


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