Why The Ravens Should Be Respected

Buon giorno, fellow denizens of the MHR realm. I sincerely appreciate all the propitious comments I've received thus far although I'm one of the shortest-tenured bloggers here. I could do this at my Web site at, but I'm too far removed from those who bleed orange and blue so I save all my best stuff for all of you.


First of all, after our mid-autumn recess, the Broncos return to the gridiron Sunday to face a Baltimore Ravens squad which is better than their record suggests.  The 3-3 mark Baltimore sports was once 3-0, but thanks to in succession: a drop by Mark Clayton (when I hear the name "Mark Clayton," I think of a Dolphins wideout wearing #83 that NEVER dropped anything for the legendary Dan Marino) at New England, an uncharacteristic meltdown against Cincinnati and a missed field goal at Minnesota which really should have been made.


Therefore, with all of that said, the Ravens could perhaps be the toughest test we've faced all season and thus, worthy of our full attention.


Thanks to the magnificence of NFL Replay on NFL Network, I've been able to watch Baltimore on numerous occasions and they really are a good team. For starters, there's no wonder Baltimore residents are "Wacko for Flacco."


The prolific signal-caller out of Delaware (who is pretty manly despite being a "Blue Hen" in college) has completed 64 percent of his passes for 11 touchdowns against five interceptions. Additionally, the Ravens' passing attack averages 268 yards a game, good for eighth in league annals. I'm just grateful that the Broncos' strength on defense lies primarily in their secondary.


Meanwhile, Ray Rice, who has some of the sickest skills I've seen from any NFL player averages over six yards every time he touches the ball and has amassed 766 yards from scrimmage on the season. Therefore, once again our defense must play lights out as it has throughout the season thus far.


With all of that said,  the Baltimore rushing defense is a respectable seventh against the run, but 19th or lower in all other significant defensive categories.


Since we know the Broncos' offense has the potential to be explosive, this could be a shootout, but if we can remember what got us to this point and remain humble and hungrier than Gilbert Brown at Golden Corral, we should be in good shape.


I see 7-0 in our grasp, so hopefully the team realizes the vast importance of continually improving as they have through the first six weeks of the season.


I'm not big into predicting final scores, but I am confident that we'll have more points than the Ravens as the 4th Quarter draws to a close so with that said, GO BRONCOS!!!

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