The trades that made the team.

I know that some people are going to look at the title and think, I'm rehashing that Cutler trade again, but this is not the case.  I was watching the Redskins last night with Clinton Portis and remembered what an important trade partner that they were for us.  If you look at this recent history of trades for the Broncos I doubt that any team has traded more draft picks/players with us that the 'skins.   It goes to show you the fine line between being aggressive with your picks and being smart.

2004 :  The most important trade is probably the one that everyone remembers best.  Back in 2004 when the Broncos had tried overpaying any and every free-agent cornerback on the market to shore up their woeful secondary, the 'Skins were desperate for an impact running back to fit with the system that Joe Gibbs was trying to implement.  Gibbs had been an extremely successful coach and as most of us remember how he torched us with an unknown running back in the Superbowl (Timmy Smith).  My guess is that he wanted to re-introduce the Hogs back into the NFL and needed a top-flight running back to do so.  Shannahan had had enough of Portis's antics and was willing to trade away a running back who had topped 1,500 yds rushing in each of his first 2 years and had just come off a Probowl season (Who would ever trade away a Probowl player???)  Both players wanted new contracts and it seemed like there was a match made in heaven.  Not only did the Broncos get Bailey, we got a 2nd round draft pick that became Tatum Bell.   All Bailey has done is gone on to be a "shutdown" corner year in and year out with the exception of 2007 where still he made the Probowl despite injuries.  He is a complete corner who covers & tackles.  Tony Romo learned that the hard way at the end of this year's game week 4.  Portis has gone on to be a good/ maybe great player but not the difference maker that Gibbs envisioned.  Bell... well, I hear he is the man to see if you need a cell phone.


2005:  The Broncos were comfortable with Jake Plummer at quarterback, but the 'Skins wanted to try new blood.  Available at the 25th pick was Jason Campbell out of Auburn.  He was known as a quarterback with the physical tools, but maybe a little raw.  The 'Skins thought they could develop him and so they called on their favorite trading partner.  The Broncos traded the 2005 25th pick for the 'Skins 2006 1st and 4th round draft picks and a 2005 3rd round pick.  More on the Broncos picks in the 2006 section, but anyone who watched last nights Philly/ 'Skins game has seen the final product where Campbell is concerned.  When we had the opportunity to acquire him this year instead of Orton, McDaniels rebuffed the high draft picks for the better quarterback.  Nice choice, Josh.  The 2005 3rd round pick became Karl Paymah.


2006:  In August of 2006, the Broncos no longer wanted Ashlie Lelie, the Falcons TJ Ducket and apparently draft picks burn holes on the pockets of the Redskins.  The Broncos sent Lelie to the Falcons, Duckett went to the 'Skins and we got a 2007 3rd round draft pick.  Oh yeah... there were the 1st,  & 4th rounders that the Broncos had gotten for the 2006 draft earlier that year.  It gets a little confusing and I hope I have it right. Because of the extra first round draft pick,the Broncos traded their #22 overall pick to the San Francisco 49ers for second and third-round picks (# 68 ). They used the 29th pick (Broncos)  & their 3rd rounder to trade up for the with the Falcons so for the 15th pick (In the John Abhraham trade with the Jets). They then parlayed the 15th pick with the 68th pick to move up and take Jay Cutler with the 11th pick.  I'll leave Jay alone, but his trade away from us will be felt in the years to come as a positive in terms of the influx of talent that we received.      The Skin's 4th rounder became a little known wide reciever named Brandon Marshall who has be instrumental in mutiple wins this year.

2007:  The 'Skins 2007 3rd round draft pick became Ryan Harris.  Not a popular pick at the time, but right now looks like a cornerstone at right tackle which has helped soldify the best line in football.

In Short (somehwat simplified I know):

We Get:

Champ Bailey

(Through Culter)- Orton


                                 A. Smith

                                 Part of Quinn

Brandon Marshall

Ryan Harris




We Give up:           Portis


                                 Jason Campbell

                                Ashley Lelie


I'd really like to thank the Redskins for their help.  I doubt if any one team has given us so much for so little.  If we win this year, maybe we should send them a championship ring.



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