Mythbusters: What's really true!

As I read articles online and in newspapers, there are so many half-truths, mistatements, and right out lies that I feel compelled to write an article debunking some of the myths that you may read about it in the paper.  Now while most of what I'm about to say is opinion, I'll try to back it up with facts as much as possible. 

Myth #1: Kyle Orton does not have a strong arm

Kyle Orton does have  a strong arm.  He has proven he can throw it at least 65 yards down field.  But further more, if you watched the Chargers game, Orton had a pass to Gaffney about 25 yards down field that had some real zip to it.  Plus, peolple tend to think throwing deep is all about arm strength, but in truth it requires a great amount of touch to deliver it over linebackers heads and into a recievers bread basket.  Look at Orton's TD pass to Tony Scheffler.  It was a thing of touch beauty.  Does Orton have as strong an arm as Jay Cutler? No, but if you ask Jay neither did John Elway so Orton is in pretty good company

Myth #2: Eddie Royal is a good reciever but is less effective if you press coverage him

I can't remember where I read or heard this but it goes to show you that because Eddie Royal is 5'10" 180 pounds he must not be able to beat press coverage.  Actually this is one of Eddie's strengths.  At the NFL combine Eddie Royal bench pressed 225 pounds 24 times.  Jarvis Moss only did 17 (of course Jarvis does have much longer arms than Eddie Royal and that does skew the bench press numbers a little bit to be misleading).  Nevertheless, watching Eddie on video tape he is very good at getting off the bump.  Against New England in overtime on a 3rd and 1 Eddie was bumped by the cornerback, but with a quick move to the outside, a strong slapping away of the corners hands, Eddie got the release on the inside for the slant route and a first down.  He can beat bump and run or press coverage. 

Myth #3 Pat Bowlen stated he has short term memory loss so Jay Cutler must be telling the truth that Bowlen did not try to contact him

This is one of my biggest pet peeves.  First Bowlen I guarantee you is still in charge of all his faculties.  Second, short term memory loss usually starts with small things like where did I put my car keys or what do I want to get at the grocery store.  It usually wouldn't cause someone to forget something like, gee I need to talk to my pro bowl quarterback to clear the air, did I call and reach out to him yet.  Furthermore, I'm sure that Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders were also aware of Bowlen reaching out to Cutler.  I am sure they weren't like "Oh Pat, did you call Jay" and I'm sure Pat wasn't like "You know it was on my to do list but I'm not sure if I called him or not" B.S. Pat called him, Jay didn't call back, Jay was traded, end of story.  Future lesson, don't disrespect the man who signs your paychecks. 

Myth #4 Josh McDaniels is a Bill Belichick clone

I, along with many others have written about this before but the truth is Josh couldn't more different from Bill.  Now they do share similar philosophies on injuries, the draft, and team mentality  However, Bill is a grumpy old man, who is dismissive with the press, comes across as very angry after wins and can seem very arrogant.  Josh McDaniels has been accused of being arrogant, smug, and a complete control freak. I find the very opposite to be true.  McDaniels could easily after 6-0 said "I told you so" but all he's said is that the team is off to a good start and they haven't won anything yet.  He is not a control freak.  Look at how much freedom Kyle Orton has a the line of scrimmage.  Jay Cutler and Jake Plummer never seemed to have the freedom to change plays at the line or change up protection scheme. (Brian Griese did get this freedome but he's probably one of the smartest QB's to every play)  McD trusts his quarterback.  Plus McDaniels shows emotion after wins, which I love, and he'll probably be upset after losses, but gracious in defeat. 

Myth #5 Ryan Clady is a good left tackle

Got ya, just making sure I still have your attention. Clady isn't a good left tackle though, he is a great left tackle and getting better at run blocking.  In fact, much to my father's dismay, I stated that Clady would wind up being even better than Gary Zimmerman.  Not a shot at Gary, just shows how good I think Ryan is. 

Quick Hitting Thoughts that are a bit against conventional wisdom

Tony Gonzalez is a great pass catching tight end, but Daniel Graham is a complete player.  Much better blocker than Gonzalez and very underrated as a pass catcher and athlete in the open field. 

Terrance Cody will be a great player but I wonder for how long.  That's a lot of weight to hold up over a pro career, especially in the trenches. 

This is a pass happy league.  While this is true, the Steelers (twice) the Giants, and the Colts have won Super Bowls with very good running games.  In fact, when the Patriots were winning Super Bowls they won them with defense and Corey Dillion.  Tom Brady is a great player but the fact is that the Patriots haven't won the Super Bowl since he started to air it out more.   Which is why I am glad the Broncos are very balanced on offense this year.  Many people thought McD was just a pass happy freak, turns out, he tailors his offense to the defense they're playing and his own teams strengths. 

And finally...Why did ESPN hire Teddy Bruschi.  All he does is talk about the Patriots.  It's not like we were lacking for coverage of the Patriots on that channel.  Plus he is still talking this year like the Patriots are the greatest team ever.  REALLY! They lost to the Denver Broncos, one of the worst teams in the NFL (according to his colleagues) how embarrasing is that.  Tom Jackson and Schlereth are former Broncos but TJ can be fair and balanced, even if he is a homer, and Schlereth I think goes out of his way to prove he is not a homer. 

Have a great week everyone, and Go Broncos, Beat Baltimore. 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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