2009 Surprising Stars of the Denver Broncos

Okay, at the beginning of the season the stars I expected to emerge were not the ones were seeing now. I am gonna break down a few individuals who have been surprisingly effective on this team. 


Kyle “K.O.” Orton- I definitely thought Kyle Orton would be a managing QB this season. I thought he would be able to manage the game, but would need alot of help from the stars on this offense. 7 weeks into the season, he is affectionately called K.O. (knock out) Kyle by Denver fans as each week he has been able to engineer long 4th quarter drives which prevented opposing offenses the time to attempt a comeback. Orton is on pace for 3900 yards and 24 touchdowns. Orton’s best season in Chicago was only 2900 yards 18 touchdowns. While he is ranked 15th overall currently as a QB, he has something the rest of the QB's above him do not have, less interceptions. To date K.O.'s lone interception came on a hail mary to end a half and as time ran out, was virtually irrelevant. 

Knowshon Moreno- I don’t know if "surprising" fits here since he was the first RB picked in the draft, however after the hold out, and the pre-season injury I was concerned it may be mid season before he became a contributor. He is on pace for over a thousand yards after a slow start and leads all rookie running backs. What is interesting is he is sharing time with Correll Buckhalter who is also on pace for a 1000 yard season. The Broncos could potentially have 2 different 1000 yd. rushers in the same season. Last season the leading rusher for Denver was Peyton Hillis with 343. 

Brandon Marshall- After all the off season problems like many I wondered if he would be traded. He didn’t know the playbook, threw a hissy fit, and demanded a trade. After a nice Time Out by the coach, and a couple weeks watching from the sidelines he has embraced the offense and exploded into the Brandon Marshall we were hoping for. The McDaniels offense tends to spread the ball to many receivers but even with that, and limited playing time until week 3 Marshall is on pace for 80 catches and 900 yards. But look for a big game coming from him soon as he appears ready to break out. 

Elvis "DOOM" Dumervil - Dumervil has already been a good player for Denver, but it appears Mike Nolan’s 3-4 defense has fit him perfectly. He is the second fastest player in NFL history to reach 10 sacks in a season and leads the league. Even when he hasn't made the sack, he has put constant pressure on opposing Quarterbacks. In addition he has 1 assisted sack, 2 forced fumbles (one of which he recovered) and 23 tackles. 

Denver Broncos Secondary- okay maybe lumping four 30 year old guys into one category is unfair, especially considering the talent, but each of these guys are spectacular, and the are even more spectacular as a unit. they have 6 interceptions, the defense as a whole have allowed only 11 points/game, and are a huge reason for Dumervil's success. Opposing quarterbacks have been unable to get a receiver open and therefore allow DOOM time to reach the QB. 

There are many other players I could mention, such as Eddie Royal's recent emergence as a special teams star for this unit, or any of the other successful wide receivers but Eddie showed flashes of his special teams prowess and the Wide receiving core was expected to be one of the best in the league. 

Until Next week, hopefully I will be telling you what the Broncos need to do to reach 8-0.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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