The Josh McDaniels Show 10/3/09


This week on the Coach's Show, the Raider game was reviewed and a glance toward the Cowboys was taken. The show is hosted by Vic Lombardi and Garry Miller.

Lombardi: There was a buzz going around coming in to the raider game. How does it feel to come out of that game 3-0?

McD: It' always important to get a Win on the Road, especially a Division game. Our Defense has done a good job.

Miller: When did you realize that the players were buying into the system?

McD: You could feel it as we went through the Spring, you could see it in Camp. They are still buying into the system.

Miller: Where is the biggest improvement been made on the team?

McD: No one particular area stands out. All the little things we learn from planning for teams during the week gives us a chance to get better. We have been able to get better each week.

Lombardi: Do you feel you still have something to prove?

McD: We have something to prove every week. You have to bring it every game. They are all good teams out there.

On the Cowboys:

It all starts with their Offensive Line. They are extremely talented all over, both sides of the ball. We can't let them move us off the ball.

On the Dallas Running Game:

They don't run a Zone blocking scheme. It's all about getting double teams. (Jason) Witten secures the edge and their big lineman try to set the edge. Their Receivers are good blockers.

On Flozell Adams being a Dirty player:

Flozell has been called dirty. I don't know, you've got to have a little of that in you to be good, and he certainly does.

Against the Cowboy Pass Rush:

You've got to pick your poison on how many players you keep in to block against (Jay) Ratliffe and (DeMarcus) Ware.

On Tony Romo:

He has the 2nd best Road Win percentage in the history of the NFL behind Joe Montana.

Coach did an IN THE SPOTLIGHT Segment with Vic Lombardi. He instructed Vic on what kind of alignment the DB's are taught in "press" and "Veil" coverages. He showed hand placement and disguising the coverage, whether they were in Cover 3, or Man, and not tipping coverages to the QB.

Fan Question

When you were the New England Coordinator did you make all the calls, or did you have to get the final say from Bill Belichick?

I made the calls, but we practiced everything during the week. I made sure he was aware of what we were doing so he didn't have any surprises.

To get a Fan question on the Show, go to and look under "Ask the Coach."

On Kyle Orton's role as a Game Manager and being 3-0:

We put a lot on Kyle and he has done a good job getting the offense out of the huddle and making the calls at the line. He's gotten us into some good running plays. He was responsible for getting us into a good play on the very first play of the (Raider) game. He was responsible for Buckhalter's long run, Moreno's long run.

Obviously, Josh McDaniels is still saying all the right things and Garry and Vic aren't pressing any issues at him.(Why would they, they have a good thing going) Still it is nice to get any glimpse of how our coach operates.

Go Broncos!

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