Careful What You Wish For

Careful what you wish for...

It may just come true...

And it may not be what you actually desired...

I've been pretty loud and combative towards the Mainstream Media(MSM) in regards to their utter disrespect towards the Denver Broncos. I've railed against them as ignorant bafoons, cowterds, ect ect. They have made me so inscensed at times this year that I can barely put my thoughts into words, which has really left a lot of angst unspoken...even here on MHR

That said, I am already wishing the MSM was still ignorant and bafoonish. For now, they are making me irate for jumping on the bandwagon I have been on since it left the Jay Cutler wagon train. I want to scream at them to get off my wagon, I was here first and you all are idiots. Of course, I wouldn't be yelling at anyone in particular...just at myself in some random and wierd way.

Of course, there are still some haters and doubters out there who have already staked their reputation and, more importantly, their ego that the Broncos are garbage and they continue to hold out for hope that the Broncos will falter in some way so they can somehow be proven right after all.

The ego is a funny thing. It loves to be stroked, but rarely can it hold up to being wrong. The fragile egos of Colin Cowterd and others will only become increasingly silent as the season wears on if the Broncos continue to win. They will not likley jump on the bandwagon, but only off-handedly give some single event or a single individual credit for their success.

My biggest worry is that all of the newfound love by many in the MSM will result in big headed ego stroking of our own players that will cause our team to falter in the wake of its own "greatness". I can only hope that Josh McDaniels, the coaching staff and the other veterans are able to keep our younger guys focused on the prize.

The distraction is now the spotlight and I am anxious to see how our team plays under the spotlight - rather than under the radar. 

This week's game will no doubt have our team as underdogs again, but less so than usual. In fact, I expect the MSM to be split pretty evenly either way and the spotlight will now be on the Broncos to win rather than to lose.  If the Broncos win this weekend, they should be favored against the languishing San Diego Chargers for the first time since 2006. It will be interesting to see how our team transitions from the underdog "us against the world" mentality to a favored "business as usual" mentality.

I really believe that transition will be the difference between an AFC Western Division title and a serious playoff run or an 8-8 flop of a finish. Don't get me wrong, 8-8 would still be considered a mild success and a step in the right direction as seen from a "big picture" standpoint.  Though in reality, after this 4-0 start, an 8-8 finish would be an unacceptable step backwards. At the very least, 10-6 must be achieved for Josh McDaniels and the Broncos to claim this season a success.

Personally, I'm rooting for 11-5 as I am sure there will be some bumps in the road, but there is no reason the Broncos should not continue to win enough games to win the AFC West(After all, they only need to finish this season 7-5 to achieve that low bar!).  The big question, again, is how this team transitions their mentality from "us against the world" to "business as usual".  We should get our first glimpse of that transition this weekend.  I can't wait!

Go Broncos!

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