Broncos Fan With the Baltimore Beatdown

So I attended the game in baltimore today.  I certainly had high hopes for how it would turn out.  I got up bright and early and headed to baltimore

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I woke up this morning.   I hopped in my car.  I had originally planned on going to the game with a Raven's fan buddy of mine, but a few days ago he wussed out and decided he just didn't have time.  (his loss in retrospect)

I smoked a cigar as I drove in the rain and listened my music.  I had my Champ Bailey Jersey on and could not wait to get to the stadium and watch my beloved Broncos go 7-0.  Alas it was not to be.

There were upsides to the day though, and so I will use the rest of this post to focus on those, and completely black out all that was.......


I want to first of all officially thank Bruce Raffel from the Baltimore Beatdown.  if I spelled that wrong Bruce I'm sorry. 

I was in contact with him leading up to my trip and he very correctly and concisely gave me tips on best parking etc....

I then went and met up with him in his tailgate lot.  We exchanged some banter as we headed to the game.  He is the type of fan for his team that I hope all of us are as well.  He was, above all, extremely classy.  So Bruce,  Thanks


Finally I get into the stadium and find my seats.  I am sitting in section 141 right behind the goal posts....clearly on the opposite side of the stadium from our ejected brethren.  It was a predominantly Rockies colored sea around me, with a few fun Denver fans scattered around.  The Broncos were doing their pre-game warm ups When none other but Darrell Reid walks into the endzone and looks up at the Raven's fans near me and then at me, of course I'm cheering and yelling go Broncos and he looks up and points right at me (the only Broncos fan around at the time) and nods. 

So.....that pretty much sums up what I "Remember" from the game.   Though I was right there when Moreno jumped into the endzone....5 rows from the field.  

Anyways Thanks to the Beatdown....for the Beatdown....and thanks for helping to make it an as enjoyable as possible experience. 


Now lets focus on beating those Steelers!!!!


* Edit *  Corrected Bruce's name

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