Free Eddie Royal!

Hey everyone!  This is my first post, though I´ve been reading for a while, so now is the time to address all the dumb things I say.  What an opportunity!

The Background:

I´ve been a Broncos fan since my mother took me to a game at the old Mile High in 1978.  I was 2 years old at the time.  My athletic background is not in football, but it is exhaustive and does extend to the international level. 

The Interesting Part:

Eddie Royal is quick.  Wes Welker is also quick, so I understand the rational.  But unlike Wes, Eddie is also fast.  I´d like to see the coaching staff take advantage of this.  Here´s why:

As a competitor, I can tell you that 98% of fellow athletes will give you multiple chances to beat them.  In other words, they beat themselves.  Against people like this, a defensive approach designed to put pressure on the other crew and wait for them to make a big mistake works exceptionally well.  With this approach, you will win the games you should.  In the NFL, this seems to translate to 10-6 or 11-5 every year.  After the disappointment of the last 3 years, this is a big step up and I imagine most of us would be very happy with that.


Against mentally tough competition, this approach almost never works.  Great competitors, in any sport, force you to be pro-active and make great plays to win.  If you play cautiously against THESE foes, you spend the entire game waiting for the opponent´s big mistake that never arrives.  I believe this is what we´ve seen the past 2 weeks against outstanding Baltimore and Pittsburg teams.

The Solution:

Free Eddie Royal!  Right now, Eddie is stuck in the great N.E.-possession-receiver-prison, running only short hitches and curls.  DB´s seem to be sitting 10 yards back and attacking all his routes hard because they know he is only being used underneath.  Where are the double moves?  The fly routes? The deep shots? 

In N.E., Randy Moss has the speed that B.M does not.  Eddie has the speed that Welker does not.  Our O-line can provide Orton the time to throw deep, so what is holding us back?

I´m really excited about our team, but we need to alter our entire approach, not just the gameplan, according to the team we face.

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