A possible workable solution to the ticket reselling problem

This is my first post although I have posted two comments before.

Since by Colorado law, the team can't prevent someone from selling their tickets to anyone at any price they desire, rather than trying to change the law which would probably face a lot of legal challenges from people selling tickets, I'm looking at it from another angle.

Is there any right to have your season ticket renewed?

If I look at it from this approach, I come up with a lot of interesting  questions and conclusions.  Yours may be different hence what comes  after the jump are my thoughts.

First of all by asking that question, I do have one major condition.  For fairness, it applies to ALL season ticket holders, not just losing the season ticket rights due to violating some sort of team clause.  So it would apply to even a perfectly well behaved season ticket holder who always attends every game.


I'll start off with a possible legal challenge to that concept of not having renewal rights.   When a new stadium is built, a lot of times the team will demand what is called a personal seat license.  It is generally a one time fee asked of season ticket holders to allow them to get season tickets in as close to the same area of the new stadium as in the old stadium.  They generally last as long as the new stadium is still around.  The seat license can be sold to another person and that person can then keep the license going by renewing the season tickets every year.  In that sense a person can argue that they paid for the right to renew the season tickets. Such a license is generally used as a way to pay for the construction of the stadium.  Not every team has a personal seat license policy though.  As far as I know, the Denver Broncos did not do a personal season license requirement when they built the new stadium.


The Denver Broncos ticket site specifically states under section 2: PURCHASE FROM YEAR TO YEAR [RENEWAL]  that there is no automatic right to purchase a Season Ticket Account from year to year, nor is there any guarantee that this privilege  will be offered or granted by the Broncos.  They also state that the privilege to purchase a Season Ticket Account from year-to-year is not 'property'  and creates no property rights whatsoever under state statutory or common law or under the United States Bankruptcy Code.

So why are renewals  generally offered to season ticket holders then?  Basically it is to reward the person for buying the season ticket in the first place.  It could also be seen as a way to build loyalty to the team.

So what would happen if that "right" to renewal is taken away from all season ticket holders?  I think a number of things would happen.

1.  ALL of the season tickets in the stadium would be available to the waiting list with those longest on the list having first crack at the tickets they want.  In fairness, there would have to be a maximum number of tickets allowed per purchaser.  After the season is over, they will have to get back to the end of the waiting list if they want season tickets again.  For the first year that the renewal right is removed, I would let the regular season ticket holders have first crack at renewal with the understanding that they will lose the season tickets after that year and they will have to get back on the waiting list to get season tickets again.

2.  Even in the first year that this is set up, there will probably be a number of season tickets not renewed since it would no longer be a regular source of income for some people counting on selling tickets and renewing every year.

3.  There would probably be even more interest in the waiting list since you will be offered the tickets  you want in your price range far sooner with the automatic loss of  all season tickets every year.  I would arrange  it so that you can't refuse the tickets if they are within the price range you specified, if you do refuse, you are taken off the list to allow the next person in line a chance.

4.  Because season tickets would only be good for that year with no right of renewal, the people buying those tickets will more likely go to the games.  The reason I think that this is more likely is because the resell market for tickets should be at a lower price because the waiting list won't be years as before which I think probably inflated prices.

5.  As a result there should be a higher percentage of Broncos fans at the stadium.  Problem solved!?

I'll get to pros and cons of this approach with the cons first.


1. This sucks!  I waited for years on the list and finally get the season tickets only to lose them after the season?  It is more of a con the longer the number of years you were on the list.

2.  I don't feel that I owe the team any loyalty if I can't renew!   Some people may not buy season tickets if they can't get them every year.

3.  It doesn't feel like a neighborhood anymore.  With no renewal rights, no one will be in the same seats every year.

4.  Where did Barrel Man, the Gremlin, etc go?  You may not see the iconic fans every year.

5.  It's a bad year for the team.  You might get unlucky and miss out on a Super Bowl year for a team by having the tickets the year prior and and the waiting list doesn't move fast enough.

6.  Fewer tourist dollars spent by the opposing team fans.  It can add up to quite a chuck of tax money for the state.

7.  Just how will the Broncos handle all the suddenly available season tickets?  They are not obligated to offer all of the tickets to the waiting list.


1.  Season tickets for good seats at face value will actually be available in a reasonable time frame.  No longer will good seats that were held for years and years be unavailable or priced far out of your reach.

2.  A larger number of newer  regular fans can finally attend for a season.  They were either unable to get tickets or priced out of them in the resale market.  This should help expand the market for anything Broncos.

3.  More true Broncos fans in the stadium hopefully helping the team in home field advantage.

4.  If you want just a ticket to a single game, the resell market should be cheaper due to the shorter wait on the waiting list.

Any other pros and cons that I haven't thought of? 

I rather like this drastic solution even though I'm not a season ticket holder nor on the waiting list so my bias won't be in the way.  I just don't think it is right that someone can hold season tickets for so long for good seats, an extreme example would be someone  holding good season tickets for the Pittsburgh Steelers (oldest team in the AFC ) since the team started in 1933 passing them down only to family.  There are several NFC teams even older so it could potentially be an even worse case.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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