Why You Hate Kyle Orton

This post is gonna ruffle some feathers, and that's okay.  This is just my opinion of what's going on, you're entitled you yours too... 

Noodle-armed, weak-chinned, stringy-haired, neckbeard boy... 

At least on the surface, based on the MSM propaganda and Kyle Orton's looks, that's what spectators see.  You spectators think because Orton is a nice guy, a bit different, has an asymetrical face and awkward looking athletic ability, that he's a weak man who can't play the postition of QB in the NFL.   

This picture probably pops into your head when you think of Orton:


via zembla.cementhorizon

That's because more than any other image of Orton, the MSM has chosen to display this one.  What a sad thing that is, huh....

Maybe you haven't invested enough thought or energy to see past what the MSM rolls out to you about Kyle Orton.  A day doesn't go by that I don't hear 'well, he just doesn't pass the eye test, and I believe what my eyes tell me.'

Stats and W-L record can be presented all day long and no matter how good they are, you still don't like him.  You just can't get past what your gut eye is telling you about this guy.  And that is okay, because its actually natural and has some biological reasons behind it.  After all, we're just animals- Darwin, survival of the fittest and all that stuff...   

That doesn't excuse you from evolving though, give yourself a chance to become a fan.  Please take your MSM preconceptions and tuck them away, give yourself a chance to see this guy for what he really is and what he has the potential to do.  Meanwhile, he keeps winning.  He's never gonna be hooking up with super models (sorry Kyle) or posing in fashion mags like Brady, but that's okay - that's not why he's our QB.  The dude is smart, dedicated, has the trust of his teamates, and is a leader of men on the field.  He's our QB, that doesn't mean you have to fall in love with his looks.

Luckily, we have a coach who is smart enough to know that Orton has all the tools he needs to execute his offense with some time and work.  There's no need to bring in Simms or Brandstater.  Don't be surprised if you never see either one of them ever start a game for the Broncos.  Orton can and almost surely will get better and better and better.  He's only been in the league five years, so we could be looking at his face for a very long time.  Hopefully we can see past his looks and start seeing Lombardi Trophies.  I'll take those over good looks any day.

Go Neckbeard!!!





This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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