You Can't Please Everyone (A Parable)

Below is a Parable that, in many ways, seems to illustrate the 2009 Broncos this season.


An Old man and his 12 year old son were starving.  In desperation in order to buy food, the old man decided to sell thier only possession, an old mule named Hiney. 

Because they lived in the mountains, several miles from the nearest market, the old man and the young boy packed up and loaded the mule for the long journey.

About a mile down the road, they passed a small cottage where two old men were sitting outside drinking coffee. 

"Look at that stupid old man" one man said to the other.  "Here they are traveling with a mule, but neither of them is riding it.  Why wouldn't one of them ride?  Just plain stupid."

Overhearing this, and not wanting to be considered "stupid" by the two men, the old man quickly swung up on the mule and began to ride. 

They journeyed like this for some time when they encountered two travelers, traveling in the opposite direction.  As they approached, the old man overheard them saying...

"Look at how MEAN that man is being.  Here he is mature and strong, while he is forcing that poor young boy to do all of the walking.  How selfish can you possibly be!"

Well, the old man didn't want to be considered "mean" or "selfish" by the travelers, so he quickly got off, and placed his son on the back of the mule, and they continued on their journey.

It wasn't long before the man and his son passed two women washing clothes in a small creek beside the road.  The man overheard the women talking...

"Look at that mean little boy.  While he is young and full of vigor, he is making his aging father walk.  Why he will probably have a heart attack any moment now!  How disrespectful can a young boy be?"

The old man didn't want his son to be considered "mean" and "disrespectful", so he swung up behind his son, and they both began riding Hiney the mule to the market.

Soon they passed by an old country church where two older men were chatting outside. 

"Where are you heading too?" said one of the men to the travelers.

"To the market to sell our mule." the old man answered.

The two men looked at each other and scoffed.  "Well if you think your mule is going to be worth anything by the time you get to the market, you are a fool.  Here you and your son are both strong and able to walk, and yet you are riding your mule to death.  I would be surprised if you even had a mule to sell by the time you got to the market."

Well the man didn't want to be considered a fool by the two men, so he and his son both hopped off of Hiney, got under Hiney and hoised the mule up on thier shoulders and started down the road, carrying Hiney on thier backs.

Just as they were about to reach the market, the old man and his son, came to an old, narrow footbridge that spanned a very deep chasm.  With Hiney on thier shoulders, they slowly... step by step... made thier way accross the bridge.  However, halfway across the bridge, the young boy lost his footing and stumbled.  This caused both the old man and the boy to lose thier balance... and their grip on Hiney... and in a tragic turn, Hiney went over the edge and plummeted to his death.



The Moral of this story.  If you try to please everyone, you will lose your HINEY!

(author unknown)



Aren't you glad that McDaniels and Co. don't try to please every Tom, Dick, and Woody out there that throws out thier pompus opinions about what the team should do?  I, for one, am glad that McDaniels has a vision for where he wants to take this team, and is leading the team purposefully toward that goal.  We would be in trouble if he was swayed by every public opinion poll or blog post calling for a new direction.


I would love to hear your thoughts!  GO BRONCOS!

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