Autotune/T-Pain and the Broncos

The MSM is a powerful way of transporting information from one person to another. They distribute music, movies, television and news.


You have probably read the title and thought to your self, "Has KB lost his marbles?" There is no way the broncos and the great/decent/bad/terrible T-Pain or the software program, autotune. While your love/disdain of autotune/T-Pain is not important to the article, this will not hinder your understanding of the connection.

T-Pain, for those of you who don't know about him, is a rapper/singer who uses a computer software known as autotune to digitize his voice. Autotune was originally designed by man using an alternative of SONAR to try and find oil reserves. He realized that it could be used by musicians as a way to distort sound waves, producing a digitalized sound and covering up slight imperfections in pitch. The first musician to use autotune was Cher, in her song "Believe".

However, T-Pain was the first artist to use autotune to digitize his voice in every single song. He began to use it in 2003. Thus, autotune was officially introduced to the nation through the media. T-Pain made it into the top five on Billboard's top 100. Songs such as "I'm on a boat", "I can't believe it", and "Bartender" began being played around the country. As time went on, people grew tired of T-Pain, saying that he couldn't really sing, he just used technology to become famous. T-Pain hasn't had the same kind of popularity, since, but he still will find a place in the music scene.


So, what does that have anything to do with the broncos? Let's simplify the career of autotune/T-Pain.

1) Introduction

2) Overexposure

3) Equilibrium



The broncos came into the season as complete unknowns. The MSM told the nation that we wouldn't be the same offense without, Jay Cutler. Well, they are right. We aren't the "same" offense. We are a different offense. It may not be as flashy or put up as big numbers, but the offense is designed to take what the defense gives it and not turn the ball over.

The MSM told the nation that the defense would struggle because they are too old in the secondary and the rest of the players are backups and afterthoughts. Well, the defense played well in the first few games and became one of the best units in football.



The broncos got off to a really fast start. They beat the bengals on a "miracle play". They beat the browns and raiders, who are terrible. Then they decided to beat the cowboys, patriots and chargers. All of a sudden, the broncos were being talked about on ESPN and NFLN as being one of the best teams in football. The bandwagon was bogging down because of all the new people jumping on it.

People believed in the broncos and they believed in them.........hard. There is no other place to go when you are undefeated than "down". When two back to back losses came in weeks 8-9, people started jumping. "Well, the broncos are frauds." "They can't throw the deep ball." "Orton is terrible."

I say, if you wanna jump, go ahead. The broncos just played the two teams who represented the AFC in the AFC Championship game about 10 months ago.



The broncos are what they are. As time goes on, we will be able to see what they are. We do know two things. We know that the broncos are not the best team in the NFL. We also know that they aren't the worst team, either. The broncos will show us who they really are, whether the bandwagon is full or not.


So, the broncos started off being relatively unknown, much like T-Pain and autotune. Then, each took a ridiculously fast rise of fame, followed by a ridiculously fast fallout. However, the broncos will find their niche in the NFL, the same way that T-Pain and autotune will find their niche in music.

The broncos can get back on the right track with a win today against the skins. So, let's watch the rest of the season and see where equilibrium puts the broncos.


Wow, the broncos play in about two hours. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!

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