for everyone callin for Orton's head, how 'bout an ankle?

First off, I don't have an Orton jersey, I don't have grandiose visions of Orton bein the top QB in the league (let alone our division)...however, for everyone callin for Orton's head, for Orton to be benched...I present to you the second half of todays "kick in the nuts". With the exception of the long ball that Orton overthrew Royal on (I was cursing, yet was thankful for the B-Marsh TD's), Orton was a nice 11-18 193 yrds 2TD' jus the first half.

The people didn't get Orton's head, but it appears they got his ankle and possibly knee.  Enter Sims...

Yeah, he has better mobility than Orton.

Yeah, probably a stronger arm too.

NO, was not capable of running our offense effectively and KEEPING a Washington (2-6) against a beat-up Redskins team whose plays run through a gauntlet of messagers (not including the coach) before bein handed to a team missing its starting SS, TE, OT, RB and led by a QB  no one wanted this off-season...WOW.

True, our defense couldn't stop the run...but neither could theirs; I did see some poor tackling, angles. But our defense did more than it should have to, if supported by an adequate offense, to get a win (which it was in the first half).

can't believe the refs blew the call on that sack fumble by Davis...another huge junction which went Washington's way.

Special teams got caught "makin puppies"; I saw Reid try and direct Thomas to cover Sellers outta the backfield, looked to me as if #33 (Smith) was caught nappin, he was the deep player overtop (not sure of formation responsibilities tho). That was a huge play.

Turnovers killed us. The fumble in the first half by Buck was definitely a blemish on a well-executed half of football. The pick by Sims in the 4th Qtr was straight poison...we had field position, an effective ground game...I'm not even mad at the thought of PA, atleast coach was goin for the win (can't criticize McD for bein too conservative one week, then too daring the next...jus criticize him for bein wrong, cuz that's your real gripe)'s jus that, dare I say it....I miss Orton already...there, said it. I miss Kyle Orton. I've been missin him now for about an hour and a half...and after a loss like that, one where we were in control, had the lead...were playin good ball against a team we should be beatin, and then this happens...unbelievable. You never know what you got till it's I said, feels like someone kicked me in the nuts twice 

Careful what you wish for, you jus might get it. I think it's safe to say as of today that Kyle Orton is an asset to our team. He showed the long ball today and put up great numbers against the leagues #1 rated pass defense.

Sidenotes: Berger punter much better today...Moreno looked good/Buck didn't...B-Marsh was on pace for a career day (then Orton got twisted)...Hochstein over we have anyone other than Royal for return duties?...BDawk is crazy...Go Eagles!!

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