MHR, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Broncos

I have to laugh when I see all the dramatic exits and denunciations following a loss. I'm joining MHR now, in the midst of this losing streak (that will hopefully end Sunday), to help compensate for all the hand wringers and ship jumpers. It's one thing to turn away in disappointment in the fourth quarter of a loss that hurts too much to watch, and quite another to suddenly decide that the Broncos are horrible and not worth supporting, or to leave MHR because the members are "too negative."

If you read the comments section of any major online news publication, you will encounter many ignorant and reactionary statements. You might also find some insightful comments. But you don't read the New York Times or the Denver Post for the readers' comments. You go there for information and analysis. If it's good you go back; if it's not, you go elsewhere.

My point is that MHR's strengths are 1) its news aggregation and 2) the original analysis that the regular bloggers provide. If you don't like readers' comments, don't read them. There's a reason they're at the bottom of the page. It makes little sense for someone says that they're leaving MHR because they don't like the negativity in the comments section.

I, for one, have been reading MHR ever since I discovered it (two years ago?), and I will continue to read it as long as the writers continue to provide quality information and analysis. I especially like features like MHR University. Growing up, I played sports other than football, and am a Broncos fan before I am a football fan in general, so I learn a lot from the writers on this site.

MHR's writers do a good job of taking the long view, seeing the season as a work in progress. As most fans do, I often let frustration get the better of me, and tend to react negatively after a loss. It's nice to come to MHR to read a less reactionary perspective from people who make a serious attempt to understand what went wrong, and why. The same applies after a win. It's more interesting to read an analysis that looks critically at the Bronco's strength and weaknesses than to read "The Broncos are the greatest team in history and are going to the Superbowl!" after a win.

MHR helps me take wins and losses in stride and just enjoy following the Broncos, through the good and bad.

Anyway, enough of my opinions. On to some questions.

1) Why were the Broncos playing with a 4-man front against the Redskins? I swear they were doing this on a lot of plays.

2) On offense this year, the Broncos seem to need everything to go right to be successful. Is this a result of marginal talent, lack of experience with the scheme, or a kind of play-calling brinksmanship (i.e. running plays that only work if conditions are just right?

3) Did anyone else think kick coverage looked a little better against the Redskins? Excepting the face-mask penalty, of course.

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