Advice Please For this UK Fan

Hi All

I have been an avid reader of this site since discovering it before the draft this year. All of your posts have greatly increased my knowledge of America's game and in particular the Denver Broncos. I have been an avid fan since NFL games were first broadcast in the UK in 1984. I chose the Broncos as my team because the uniforms were cool and because of number 7. My fickle friends chose Dan Marino or the Fridge, but i would not be swayed. I also came to think that the Broncos would always lose in Superbowls, but that agony was ended in 1998.

This site has helped to reignite my love of the game, and my knowledge now astounds my friends. Thank you to all of the contributors and posters.

In the last 3 years I have been to every Wembley game. I know what the fans think about the loss of a home game, especially when there are only 8 every year, but I have enjoyed every game, even though my beloved Broncos were not involved. The atmosphere is unique and I have proudly worn my number 24 Broncos jersey to every game. It is a festival of football with fans from all the NFL teams, although not as many Broncoheads as I would like. But I still don't think that attending these games is the real NFL.

I am lucky enough to have a friend who also likes the NFL almost as much as me, even if he is a Bears fan. We will be coming to America this Sunday to watch 3 NFL games; Eagles @ Bears, Giants @ Broncos and finally Bears @ Vikings. I do understand how lucky I am to be able to see one game, let alone 3, but I would like some advice on the following:

1) Can I wear my blue Broncos jersey to all 3 games or will this cause problems with fans in Chicago and Minneapolis?

2) I don't have any orange clothing, so is it obligatory for Mile High or can I wear my number 24 Blue jersey? 

3) My friend likes to drink warm (locally brewed) beer rather than the corporate stuff. Can anyone recommend places to find this in Denver/Chicago/Minneapolis?

4) What are the rules on tailgating and how can we get involved/invited?

5) After the trouble that some Broncos fans had at the Ravens, is there any stadium protocols that we need to be aware of?

I know that this post is long winded and does not bring anything to the Broncos debate, but I do appreciate the hard work put into this site and would ask that you all keep up the good work.

Also don't depair over the 3 game losing streak. We should have beaten the Redskins and would have if Kyle had not been injured. Keep the faith and we will make the play offs! 

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