Draft Picks, where are we now?

This is for the people who like the draft mostly, but also to take some of the comments from other posts I have seen and provide an area for more detailed conversation about the players.  In the 09 draft we managed to pick up quite a few new players and there has been some concern over pretty much all of them whether it is where we took them, what we gave up, or who the person is that we chose.   More below!


Round 1, 12 overall -- Knowshon Moreno -- He is fighting it out for #1 however his fumbling issues raise concerns about his ability to protect the ball.  We need more consistency and reliability out of him.

Round 1, 18 overall -- Robert Ayers -- backing up Dumervil.  Last game was not dressed -- not sure what the issue was as he seemed to be improving.  There have been other LB's this season who are making more of an impact, but they also don't have Dumervil in front of them to worry about. Ayers has 12 tackles, 0 sacks, one PD, and a fumble recovery for TD.  Laurenitis is doing great, but at ILB,  Rey Maualuga is also an ILB, Clay Matthews [starting OLB, 4 sacks, 18 tackles] is the only OLB I have seen that is doing good.  Brian Orakpo is being played at DE and OLB and has 34 tackles and 7 sacks with one PD.

Round 2, 37 overall -- Alphonso Smith -- one of the more controversial picks ... he started off looking good but has definitely seemed to fall down the chart in the eyes of the coaches.  The team brought in Ty Law because they apparently didn't like his progress.  Jairus Byrd has definitely been playing well and starting.  Sean Smith is doing fairly well in his own right.

Round 2, 48 overall -- Darcel McBath -- I actually like what I see from him.  He missed a big tackle against Tolbert in the Chargers game, however that will happen with rookie safeties.  He seems very productive when he is in the game.

Round 2, 64 overall -- Richard Quinn -- let's be honest... how often do you get three TE's in the game at once?  He is supposed to be Graham's replacement, but Graham isn't going to just hand it over to him.  Too high for a TE replacement that won't play year one... hindsight may prove this to be the case?  Jared Cook and Chase Coffman were the next two TE's taken and neither is really seeing game time I don't believe.

Round 4, 114 overall -- David Bruton -- seems good on ST, hard to unseat Hill.  He was brought in to learn and will do so...

Round 4, 132 overall -- Seth Olsen -- couldn't take over for Hamilton but I think he could still prove beneficial

Round 5, 141 overall -- Kenny McKinley -- muffs a couple returns and hasn't seen the light of day really... hoped for more but 5th round pick?

Round 6, 174 overall -- Tom Brandstater -- third string developing QB, will be second when Simms gets the axe 

Round 7 -- 225 overall -- Blake Schlueter  -- obviously no longer on our roster, was on the Seahawks PS for a week, no longer on any team.


Thoughts?  Additional information?  Let us discuss!

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