The Lynch Perspective - Forked

I had to think long and hard about how to write this post. I thought sincerely about being level headed and rational, but that really isn't my style. I will leave the level heads and rationale to John and the rest of the staff - I just can't.

What I will do is offer my own brand of level-headedness and rationale to the first part of this post. Keep in mind it will be hollow and fake; a mindless monotone of the facts and figures, cherry-coated by the "good" outlook. Truly, I mean none of it, but it still needs to be said.

The rest, well, look into your hearts and you will know what the rest will look like.  Prepare yourself for a short, somewhat poignant post.  Let's get on with it!

The Rational, Level-Headed Response (Booooo, Hisssssss)

At the beginning of the season, I predicted this new and improved Broncos team would start the season 2-7 and finish 7-9, and it still looks like I was grossly mistaken. I must take stock here and realize that this team is IMPROVING upon last year's 8-8 performance.

The 6-0 start really distorted reality as this team is not as good as that 6-0 start and it is not as awful as this four game losing streak. They are somewhere in the middle and hopefully Josh McDaniels and Mike Nolan will get things right again. The delusions of homefield advantage or even a division title have slipped away and now we must focus on finishing this season strong.

We stand at 6-4 and of course we have a chance to win our or close too it, but seeing as this team is neither as good as the 6-0 start nor as bad as this four game slide, then we will likely finish somewhere in the middle. 9-7 or 10-6 is completely realistic and the focus needs to be on that target.

I do not think 10-6 will be good enough to secure a playoff spot this year, unless we tie for that mark with Cincinnati. The fact is, we have games against the Giants, Colts and Eagles on our schedule while also a game at Kansas City in December where the Broncos have one only a handful of games in the last FIFTY YEARS.

I'm pushing for a 9-7 finish as that will be an improvement upon 2008 and each step forward is not a step backwards. All we need from this team is a .500 finish from here on out. This can be done.

The Irrational, Overreaction - Stick A Fork In Us

I had a poll last week, asking if this season would be over if we lost to the Chargers and most said either Yes or gave us a 50/50 shot. Those of you who said 50/50 are DREAMING!

The season is over. The Broncos are in complete disarray; a +10 turnover margin, Offense that is averaging 7 points per game in the last four, a defense that is surrendering 30 points per game in that span, and a special teams unit that does NOTHING RIGHT!

Stick a fork in us, we're done! I'll jump through a hoop in a month if we finish 9-7, I really will! You are delusional if you think this team should be favored AT Kansas City or even at home against the Bruce Gradkowski Oakland Raiders. You are D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L!

I am terrified to watch the game on Thursday, in fact, I've decided we will drive back home from the Bay Area when the game starts since my eyes have had enough of the sloppy embarrassing play of the Denver Broncos. My ears will take the punishment Thursday instead.

I predict a 38-6 beatdown by the Giants. Yes, a Bronco fan has predicted a total beatdown of his favorite team. Why? Because the Broncos have shown me NOTHING in a month to lead me to believe the problems can be corrected in three days. Nope, sorry. Stick a fork in us.

The Referee

There was one turning point yesterday that I can't let go. I saw the replay of the Knowshon Morenofumble and every angle showed his two hands on the ball with the ball over the goal line before it popped out. I would like an official response from the NFL regarding this douchebagery.

I'm being very crass today because I feel very crass today. No day or two to reflect, no Zen, just plain old fashioned anger and armchair quarterbacking. That call had more than enough video evidence to overturn the call...WHY was it upheld? I'm not prone to paranoia(yes I am), but could the Ed Hochuli embarrassment played a factor yesterday?

Of course not! That would be tantamount to FIXING the game, no referees have ever done that right?(btw, I am a Sacramento Kings fan and yes they do!) I'm willing to let this go however, AS LONG AS THIS IS THE LAST TIME THE REFS "MAKE UP FOR IT" FOR THE WHINY, ARROGANT CHARGERS. Yes, they whine and they cry. I screamed and then let it go - I will never bring it up again(unless some Charger fan begins to bitch about Ed Hochuli).

Disappointed, Yet Encouraged

Am I disappointed with how the last month has played out? Of course I am! What loyal fan wouldn't be? The thing is, I had this team pegged at 7-9 before the season started with a 2-7 start. So this team has actually exceeded my expectations thus far and overall I am encouraged by how they have progressed.

I will still hold out for hope that they will come on strong and at least get some playoff experience, but there are just too many mistakes in all three phases of the game for me to have too much hope in that regard. I just want a 9-7 or better season, so no media hack can say that Jay Cutler was missed.

Which brings me to my selfish thought of the day. As hard as it was to watch the 32-3 embarrassment, the Jay Cutler INT to end the game was so sweet to see. That is 18 INT's in 10 games...break the record Jay Meh boy! I will root you on, for sure! I am heinous, I know - but it is so great to see Cutler fail. We got two first rounders picks, da Bears got 18 picks of another kind!

Yes, I know that was petty and a low blow, but where else can I get some satisfaction right now? The Broncos sure as hell aren't giving me any!

Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

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