What McGeorge likes about the 2009 Denver Broncos.

It's been a hard four weeks.  Maybe some positive vibes from McGeorge can find their way to Denver.   


This is what I like about the 2009 Broncos.


Andra Davis.   I really like this guy.  Most everyone at MHR (myself included) had low expectations for Davis.  In retrospect, I don’t know why.  I never watched him play.  Lazy regurgitation of the stupid MSM I suppose.  The rest of you guys can fess up or keep quiet, but I vividly remember the majority of posters at what is otherwise a wildly optimistic MHR being rather unkind to Davis during the preseason.  Once the regular season started, the guy was/is making plays, making a lot of plays.  He is great at blitzing, he is strong, solid in run support and a team player.  Bowlen is getting a great return on that investment. 


Ditto on Fields.  Money very well spent.  He is doing a noteworthy job at NT.  I think Denver would be foolish to draft an NT early in the 2010 draft as Fields should have several good seasons left as the starter.  Fields plays hard, holds his ground well, and makes a play here and there, which is not even his role.  The MSM would call him a lunch-pail guy.      


I love Brian Dawkins.  He is so cool.  Leadership, hard hits, big plays at important moments, he was there for Marshall in Brandon’s time of need, and he is a great citizen.  The Eagles were insane to let him leave.  INSANE.  A guy like that is impossible to replace.  Denver could put him on the stadium Ring of Fame at halftime of Thursday's game and I'd be like, "Yeah, he earned it".  If he'd been a career Bronco, he'd have a place in my heart just a little bit below Elway.         


I really like Renaldo Hill.  He may not be the best safety in the NFL, but I love how he preps for a game.  There have been few long passes given up by our secondary this season and he must be part of the reason why.  His pick vs the Raiders was awesome.  He makes more good plays in one game than Manuel made in the entire 2008 season.  Did Manuel make any good plays in the 2008 season?  Renaldo Hill > an orange pylon > Manuel        


I like Goodman too.  It has happened more than once this season where I felt as if Goodman played a better game than Champ.  I can’t think of any one WR that lit up Denver this season.  In a league with rules that favor WRs over the CBs, I think Goodman is doing a commendable job.     


I really really like our defense in general.  I don’t break down stats like The Dude, but I can count to ten.  Ten is a bigger number than the amount of points our O scored in three of the four losses.  Denver scored 7, 3 and 3 offensive points in three of those four games.  That really sucks.  It’s terrible.  How the heck can we fans get mad with the D when we consider the lack of run-support they are getting from the O?  Do you guys realize Eddie Royal has no offensive TDs thru 10 games.  I love Eddie Royal, talent drips off that guy.   No offensive TDs this season for Royal?  What the heck is that about?  Anyway, back to what I like about the 2009 Broncos.  Our D has played above itself all year, or maybe they are just that awesome.  The D did all it could to keep us in the games where our offense failed miserably (which has been far too frequent in 2009).  Obviously I like Mike Nolan and his defensive staff.  Great job defensive coaches.  By chance, do any of you coaches know something about Special Teams because Priefer doesn't?  


I really do like Kyle Orton.  I had a smile ear-to-ear when he was cheered loudly by the home fans as he replaced Number 2.  That was a great reaction from the crowd and it sure looked like it gave Orton and our offense a big boost.  Curse that goal-line fumble that spoiled the moment.  Orton plays hurt and he is brave.  He is easy to root for, unlike the player Cutler has become. Orton loves Jack Daniels and chasing the skirts around (or at least he did, I think he is married now).  Orton is bad-ass.  I know we don’t swear at MHR, but it’s kind of the best way I can to describe the guy.  I prefer cheering for a QB that is a bad-ass instead of a whiner.  Is Orton the long term answer at QB?  I don’t know and McDaniels isn’t going to ask me anyway.  But Orton will more than do for the time being (if being=years then I’m cool with that).        


I like McDaniel’s clock management skills.  At some point, this highly developed skill set of his will win us some close ball games.  We just need the offense to score once in a while.  The 2-minute coaching is there.       


I am really starting to like Matt Prater.  His touchback leg returned after a short hiatus.  His onside kick was money.  Damn-it Barrett, catch the ball.  I wish we scored more than once or twice a game so I could see Prater pin the opponent back at the 20 after each Bronco score.     


I love Ryan Harris.  When he pulled all the way across the line from his RT spot to make a massive block on a Raider OLB, a block that sprung a long Buckhalter run, I nearly wet myself.  It was a block that maybe one or two other tackles in the NFL could have made.  Maybe no other tackle could make that block.  He is, IMO, the most underrated player on the Broncos.   


I love Clady, Elvis, Champ, Royal, and Brandon Marshall, but those guys are too obvious. 


I’d love to see us play much harder, smarter and with more discipline on Thursday night.  I’d love to see us win again.  Go Broncos. 


I hate talking in the third person, so I won't do that again.   



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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