The Weekly "I'm Tired..." Rant

Well... Time to Rant and Rave a bit...


1.     I'm Tired of all the so called "fans" that are now proclaiming some type of victory because the Bronco's lost this week.  Dude's... our team lost!  There is no "victory" there.  If you are now rejoicing that McDaniels got out coached or that Kyle Orton had a mediocre performance then you are really more of a fan of your own ignorance, than you are a fan of the Broncos.


     Look, you don't have to love McDaniels... but you should at least have the intellectual integrity to admit the truth.  He has been a very, very good coach so far.  He is one of just a handful of coaches that have started their career off going 6-0... and with a team than many predicted would go 3-13 this year.  He has taken a below average team and has them playing at a very competitive level.  You can credit everyone else if you want, but if your going to be honest... McDaniels has done an amazing job so far. 


     You also don't have to love Kyle Orton... but you also should have the intellectual integrity to admit that he has been a far superior QB this year than what we have had in the recent past.  He has protected the ball, made good decisions in both the passing and running game, has led the team back to win several games, and has been a positive and humble leader.  He has worked harder than any other player, and the players believe in him.  He is also 6-1 as the Bronco's starting QB... the only stat that really counts.


     If you can't admit these things, you simply so wrapped up in your own ego and intellect that you have no room for the truth.  So don't come here to MHR and then complain about how everyone here is a koolaid drinker and can't see reality.  Excuse me but what part of 6-1 are we not seeing clearly?


     The reason this site is the #1 fan site for everything Broncos is that the vast majority of the members here are committed to seeing things objectively and truthfully.  I have visited many other fan sites, and I believe that MHR is the most balanced and objective site around.  At MHR, people can dis-agree and debate... but we all require those who debate to back up their points with reason.  You can't just spout off an inflammatory remark without being called out to back it up.  That's how things work here, and if you don't like it... there is plenty of room at the Raiders or Chargers sites.


2.     I'm Tired of people talking about the Broncos getting "destroyed" by the Raven's this week.  Go back and watch that game.  The Broncos were in that game right down to the last quarter, and it got away from them at the end because they had to play "more aggressive" to try to get back into it.   The game easily could have swung the other way on just a few plays.  What would have happened if Moreno would have had just 1/2 of a second more on that screen pass to secure the ball after the catch, and doesn't fumble?  What would have happened if the Raven's don't return that kick-off for a TD?  What would have happened if the Bronco's recover that fumble deflected by Todd Heap?  Those three plays could have easily changed the outcome of the game.  Unfortunately they all went the Raven's way and so did the game.


     Now I am not at all wanting to play the "What if" game, because it easily can go the other way.   Orton could have had a couple of INT's... The Raven's could have made a few other plays, so breaks can go either way.  But the breaks were going the Raven's way on Sunday.  Don't mis-understand that however... the reality is that the Broncos got beat fair and square.  The Raven's played better, and deserved to win.  But to over-state the game as being a "butt-kicking" is not objective or accurate.  Our team was right there the whole game, and had a few breaks gone our way, it easily could have been a different outcome.


     Personally, I think the Raven's are the toughest opponent on the schedule.  They easily could be 6-1 as well.  They have a good ball club.  They are a well balanced, well coached team.  Plus, if Flacco plays like he did in the second half... they will be hard to beat.  He played an amazing game on Sunday. 


3.     I'm tired of the Bronco's giving up TD's in the return game.  I know that it is going to happen to even the best Special Teams units, but giving up a return TD in two straight games hurts.  The return TD this week cost us the game, in my opinion.  I hope that the problems there get fixed quickly.


4.     I'm tired of our Offensive Line getting man-handled.  I know that it was only one game, but I am so used to seeing our O-line be the Man-Handlers, that it truly was a shock to my system to see them get "handled".  Obviously there were facing one of the best front 3 in the league, but still, they didn't play well this week.  I hope that they also step up their play as a unit on Monday.  They will have to to secure a win.


5.     I'm tired of poor punting.  This isn't a dig on Berger, but when the punt returner has to run up 15 yards to field the punt, that is not a good thing.  Maybe because we have some of the leagues best punters in the AFC west that our standards are very high, I don't know... but Berger didn't look like a long term solution to our punting woes.  Unless Berger improves significantly this week, I can see another roster move on the horizon....


Here are a few things that I am NOT tired of...


1.     I'm NOT tired of coaches and players that step up and take responsibility for a loss.  I loved the twitter from Lindsay Jones (Denver Post) from Kyle Ortons post-game presser...

From the "Things Jay wouldn't say" file: "I'm the leader of this offense, and when it doesn't go right, it's on me."


     McDaniel's also stepped up to the plate, saying that the team was "out coached" on Sunday. 

     Here's the thing... Real Leaders understand that they are responsible for the outcome of the things that they are leading... and when things don't go well, they are quick to embrace the responsibility for it... whether it was their fault or not.  Both McDaniels and Kyle Orton are leaders... and they have proven it most by how they have responded to their first loss.  I could never get tired of having real... accountable... Leaders on the Team.

     And these guys aren't the only ones.... remember Darrel Reid who apologized to the fans for his roughing the kicker penalty a few weeks ago?  We have leaders all over this team, and it will pay huge dividends in the long run... just you wait and see!


2.     I'm NOT tired of our LineBacker play this year.  Can you give me a better LB core than what we have going right now?  DJ Williams and Andre Davis are playing at an amazing level right now... especially Andre Davis... goodness!!!!  Then you have Doom... Ayers (Who played a heck of a game on Sunday) and Haggen (who also played a great game Sunday).  We have really got some special players rolling at the LB position this year... and I like it  ALOT!!!


3.     Well, I'm not really tired yet... but I know it is coming.  Friday my wife is scheduled to deliver our third "lil' bronco fan", so I will be plenty tired soon enough.  Just doing my part in expanding the Bronco Fan Base... the old fashioned way.  Time for the rest of you guys... and gals... to do your part!!!  Come On!!!! 

So... who knows... I might not get to a Rant next week... but if I don't, you'll know why.  Thanks for reading!




This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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