Time Immemorial

The relatively insignificant republic entered the war in the Fall of '59. A surprising victory at the onset of war over a superior foe causes the young republic to become drunk with overconfidence and self-delusion. Soon the barbarian hordes would exact retribution.

Armies of the republic would hold their ground to a near stalemate at the end of each season, digging in for the long frozen wait for the Spring thaw. Though, by the end of the second year, the young republic was poised to run roughshod over the barbarous enemies for much of the fighting season. However, a defeat in late Autumn would lead to a series of catastrophe's that would result in the deaths of the republics two most capable generals.

Chaos ensued. The army fell into disarray as defeat ushered in a continuous months-long retreat that would mark a stunning collapse of the republic. Soon, barbarian hordes, the nastiest of which would raid the city twice a year throughout the length of the siege, stood outside the city gates - from there, a near decade-long siege began.

Starvation, a constant threat.  Defeat, a never-ending reality.  Hardship, an uncaring bitch of a companion.

Some attempted to flee to far off city-states, but the core would remain to the bloody end. Year after year, the barbarian hordes would attempt to scale the city walls, but somehow the citizens of the republic miraculously held the line.

During this arduous time, there was always a barbarian army of one sort or another outside the city gates, but it was the twice yearly invasion of the most insidious and evil band of brigands imaginable that really broke the spirits and will of the citizens of the republic.

The brigands would inflict the heaviest damage upon property and insight the most demoralizing acts upon the once great city. The armies of orange had nothing in its arsenal that could slow the advances of the marauding pirates. It was as if the enemy was invincible.

With the orange republic in its final death throws, a hero emerged that would save it from total annihilation.

The heroic figure would slaughter the barbarian hordes by the hundreds, most lying dead upon his shadow. Untrained citizens rallied to his call.  Enabling the republic to fight its way out of the doldrums of despair - regaining the pride and confidence lost time immemorial.

With each victory, grew determination of the republic to regain its lost lands, yet the raids would still come from the hated enemies of the orangemen; the blackened soulless demons.

The hero, whom the masses called Little, was a giant among men. The barbarian hordes threw everything they had at this hero, yet he would remain stoic even in the face of the greatest of adversities.

Together, with an unlikely General whose skin drew dark in the night, the hero would recover lands the republic once held so long ago.  The victories were strategic, while the defeats peripheral - yet success was not to be...

Wrongfully and regrettably, the General would be exiled by the republic that same year. The fate of the republic would once again rest squarely upon the shoulders of the hero, Little; he alone would be tasked with defending the sacred honor of a nation.

To be continued...

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