Out of hiding: Mdierk's take on the season

Good morning folks!


Some of you "older" members remember me from the "Horse Tracks" days.  For you newer members, I'm the guy at the bottom of the front page all by myself in Quality Control.  Because of my busy schedule (baby at home, work in a job that is busy during the fall/winter), I am not seen much other than a comment or two.  I'm still here though and reading the articles and fanposts.

I have some thoughts on the season so far.  Some of this is a rehash and some more current.  I never expected the Broncos to be 6-1 right now.  I knew that they would be better than what the "experts" predicted (ie Woody Paige 4-12....etc), but at this point to be this record is pleasantly suprising.  I've been doing more hooting and hollerin' than I have done in a long time.  It has been so much that it startles my 9 month old son, makes him cry and inflicts the ire of my wife.  I still wouldn't have it any other way.

After watching the last seven games, I think Denver is making improvements and I look forward to them playing a complete game soon.  While the game against Phyllis and his merry men was huge and thrilling, the offense is still not clicking yet.  It showed in Baltimore (man do I hate that place) that there is much work to do.  Coach McDaniels has done a masterful job in uniting the team and Brian Dawkins has been a god-send in injecting leadership and guidance with not just the defense, but the entire team.  As Dawkins has said, "RESPECT IS NOT GIVEN, IT IS TAKEN!!!".  When you hear that, it even makes me want to suit up and hit somebody.  The stadium is raucous for the first time since the days of old Mile High and it is starting to intimidate opponets.  The overall toughness is very welcome since having to deal with softness at the end of the Shanny days.  We are moving in the right direction and Cutler is still throwing picks and pouting in Chicago now.


Now for Monday night......

Since the Broncos loss, the "old media" started going back to its template.  Here are the examples:

"Denver is lucky"

"What's wrong with Dallas, New England etc..."

"Orton is not a good QB"


These same people in the old media as well as the wiseguys in Vegas are picking the Steelers to win in Denver on Monday.  My response to them:  That's fine, we have the Steelers right where we want them.

I expect a much more improved and angry Broncos team to play Monday night.  Pittsburgh is the defending champs and there will be a ton of Steeler fans at Denver.  I want the Steeler fans to leave with the same sulk and pout that the Cowboy fans endured this year.  It's tough to predict the game, but I don't think Denver will disappoint after the embarassment in Baltimore last Sunday.

Ok enough from me for now, time to go hide again....GO BRONCOS!

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