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The man Little bought time for the floundering republic. Time a new energetic General used to build an impenetrable defense around the republic's most sacred lands. The hero Little would absorb all of the punishment and abuse for the General, so he could ensure all preparations were met for what was believed to be the final battle.

The one enemy that proved to be the hero's most hated rival finally met their demise upon the blade of the great Little during the Fall of '72. The decade-long marauding was forever curtailed on that historic day.

However, within a few years, the hero Little would falter - succumbing to the barbarian hordes. Nine arduous years of sacrifice and unwavering dedication to the orange republic would end in sorrow for the masses. The heroic sacrifices of the Little ultimately became the republic's saving grace.

The impervious line of defense held strong of many years, but the once energetic commanding General became soft - proving to be incompetent in strategy and planning.

The crack unit, legendary in their own time, referred to as The Crush, revolted against the once great General during the latter months of '76 which proved to be marred in defeat - especially at the hands of the hated blackened souls of the western barbarians and their fat man General.

With the Republic of Orange in shambles, the Crush installed a new enigmatic leader who would unleash the full fury of the republic's armies upon the known world. 

Orange(men)crush(ing) all foes before them.

Victory followed victory as tribe after tribe was destroyed. The Crush, led by the man they called Randy, would pursue all barbarians to the ends of the earth. The man Randy's broadsword extended across the battlefield - the slaughter was complete.

The armies of orange and the man Randy then descended upon the city of steel. The curtain would fall upon that once glorious empire of steel under the crushing weight of the orangemen's blades.  The toothless Jack would crumble to the furious thirst for blood and vengence.

At last, the orangemen stood at the darkened gates of the most hated barbarian tribe, led by the fat man they called Mahd-den. The final battle against this hated enemy was fierce, but it was all over for the fat man and his horde of demons. The forces of righteousness would overrun the squalid homeland of the most despised horde of all. The light of purity would envelop the lands of darkness and hatred - achieving absolute victory over the blackened hearts of destitution.

With global ascension at hand, the armies of orange would advance upon the Empire of the Silver Star. The Crush met stiff resistance and the flanks of the orangemen were quickly overrun. Doomsday fell upon the man Randy and his crack unit, wave after wave of razor sharp spear heads pierced the ranks of the once great army.

A routed retreat was the order of the day, as the republic was pursued all the way back to their own imperial line - the man Randy would hold the line, staving off a total collapse.

Though the defeat was complete, the orange republic maintained its newfound wealth in land and power. Biding its time to rebuild the republic's army for yet another advance towards global preeminence. The wait would be long and patient as the man Randy and his elite troops would remain behind the high walls of the border for many years thereafter.

To be continued...

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