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First off, I'm highly disappointed at the New York Giants.  Being from New Jersey and having the Chargers violate the same biosphere I reside in, I figure I'd root for the G-Men.  Well, anytime the Giants lose I normally feel great to begin with simply because its a team that's highly overrated.  Great job on the Chargers for overcoming a 38 minute time of possession and two turnover performance by Rivers. 

Now I'll be in Applebee's tonight in Clifton, NJ.  I'll be having a steak, or two, with shrimp.  At this time, Denver should be winning 3-0.  After a much needed sack to shake off the Baltimore Beatdown of a week ago, I'll be having a Guinness as I rant off to the band wagon hopping Steeler fans that Denver wasn't supposed to win more than 3-5 games this season let alone any opinion about life for that matter.

What I am concerned about is the passing game.  With half the season worth of Bronco offense/defense, its really going to come down to players making plays when their numbers are called.  Whether it'd be Royal on a fly route or Marshall doing a skinny post, am I alone when I say "can Orton stretch the field or is McDaniels holding him back w/play calls"?

I'd like to see a little more of Baker in the middle but Fields has been a tremendous addition.  How does Law pan out w/so much time off and away from football?  How will certain packages designed for him not backfire if Steelers catch that very package and go no huddle?

This game only disturbs me for one reason and one reason only.  If Denver performs poorly my choice of Guinness shifts towards Jameson, Tequila and maybe a few Irish Car Bombs to get the vital nutrients in phytochemicals (to ward off cancer), Bailey's (dairy, vital for calcium) and I'd most likely would have to trek home a very embarrassing 20 minute commute ala walking.

In the end, I expect a 24-10 win.  Big Ben has shown improvements in his game this year.  Tonight's game will be one that will surely send him back to film study.  I for one don't like losing at home, even at 2000 plus miles away from Denver!

To the MHR community, Go Broncos!

15-1 baby

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