Quick Thoughts on tonights game - PS I am sorry I "jinxed" the team with my prediction


Well I can’t say that I am not a little disappointed in my prognostication not being very accurate, I think Matt Millan, Steve Young, and Chris Berman picking us lead us to our doom.  I think this team has not yet played it’s best ball and I expect that we will have a good game next week and next week’s post will be happier.  These are some quick observations and they all are not glowing, flame on to your heart’s desire.


1.)    Ben Hamilton and Casey Weigman definitely do not look suited for this blocking scheme, Hamilton looked like a turnstile for much of the game and seemed to lack effort or passion on a lot of plays, I am guessing this is his last season in Orange and Blue, don’t be surprised if we use a high draft pick on a guard/tackle or guard/center next season.

2.)    Our edges defenders got hammered in the 2nd quarter, this appears to be a fundamental weakness on this defense as that a lot of the big plays this season have been on the edge.

3.)    Sorry, but I still don’t see Kyle Orton being the long term solution, tonight was an example of why, he can’t make plays when the play breaks down, he does not have the arm strength and accuracy to make tough throws against a good defense, and in the playoffs he will be playing against good defenses.

4.)    One prediction I got right, our big WR had a good day, at least in the 1st half, not sure what happened to them in the second half.

5.)    Credit Pittsburgh for adjusting to our blitzes.

6.)    Second game in a row where the other team made the better adjustments at halftime.

7.)     John Elway

8.)    I still think we will win the AFC West.

9.)    Berger had a horrible 1st half, that said, he may not be an upgrade over Kern, but I don’t think it is a downgrade either.

10.) Prater finally was booming some kickoffs, too bad we couldn’t have him kicking off more.

11.) What happened to Champ Bailey tonight, he looked very average.

12.) Moreno does not look like a special player to me, big time players come to play in big time games, Moreno looked awful tonight in all facets.  I understand the rookie issues, but honestly, playing RB in the pros should be a relatively easy transition, plenty of rookie RB have had great years.   

13.) I understand the idea of signing Law, but why didn’t we do it during the bye week, instead of having a guy struggling to know where he was supposed to be, at least he would have had some time to learn the position and defense.

14) I don't know why we didn't use a hurry-up attack like the Steelers and take advantage of our conditioning at altitude and try to gas the Steeler offense

13-3 is still very possible, but the offense definately needs to step up, especially putting points on the board early in the game.  I will give a pass on the INT this week, but I worry anout the ability to score on tough defenses in the playoffs.  I am hoping we start seeing Hillis used more, especially in the running game, I still think he could be a force.  And if Jarvis Moss (sorry Jarvis Moss lovers) doesn't suit up for the rest of the year, I will be fine with that.  He looked horrible tonight, unless it was his intention to give the OT a nice hug every down.

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