All this Colts talk and Manning

Have me reminiscing.  I looked for when Mike Shannahan got rehired by Denver to be HC and found a 1995 SI article.  Well, I had to post the last few paragraphs here.  I think some of the Colts fans will appreciate this in their current situation.  Of course, it is not the same.  I know the feelings and excitement for thier team is.  Here we go.

Here is a link to the article

Sports Illustrated article from 1995 and here is the excerpt:

Elway has led Denver to 34 come-from-behind scoring drives in the fourth quarter. The Broncos have put the winning points on the board with less than two minutes to play 15 times since he took over. As long as he is limping back into the huddle, the Broncos have a chance. "If Number 7 is up under center," says Sharpe, "we feel like we're going to win."

Sharpe is heading into his sixth season with the Broncos, and he has never been to a Super Bowl. Elway is one of only three players on the roster who were with Denver for the Super Bowl losses in '87, '88 and '90, and those disappointments are among the reasons he says he is still around. He has two years remaining on a four-year, $19.3 million contract. He has a beautiful family, seven thriving car dealerships and a microscopic handicap. He is still the man with everything, the Golden Boy with the golden touch, but he is getting greedy in his old age. He wants one more thing before he limps away forever.

"There's such a stigma about the guys who've never won it," says Elway. "It's not fair, but I know that's the way it is. I would love another chance. You could say that's why I'm here. I want to retire a champion."

The most exciting young quarterback in NFL history is growing old. Time is running out on John Elway. You might want to pull up a chair one last time. This could be good.


End copy/paste

Keep in mind folks that those come from behind stats are from *prior* to the 1995 season.  Elway still had three more years to pad those stats.  I am so jealous of the Colts fans and happy for them to.  I really enjoyed watching John Elway play and feeling that we could win *any* game.

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