2010 Mock Draft Picks 1-10

It's still pretty early for a Mock Draft, as all the orders could change and of course Free Agency and which players are re-signed has a big impact on which players a particular team will go after, however this is what I expect to date.

1. Cleveland Browns- This is where things stand now, and of course after last night’s upset of the Steelers it is possible they could get out of this spot soon. It has been highly speculated the browns will take a Quarterback however Brady Quinn is starting to look like he should, and given some talent in the wide receiver core he may be the future of this franchise. Mangini however will probably blame the disastrous season on the fact that he did not have his "type" of QB and they will likely select Jimmy Clausen out of Notre Dame with this pick because of his experience, statistics, and the fact that he has already been running a "pro style" Offense. They should select Ndamukong Suh here and build the franchise around one of the best defensive players in recent memory, but they won't, so PICK 1 is Jimmy Clausen, QB, ND

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Tampa bay has alot of needs, but selecting Ndamukong Suh here is the only choice that will allow this team to begin rebuilding a Dominant team in the near future. If he reaches the second pick look for them to snap him up. Suh is a dominant defensive player who you can build a franchise around. Because Suh is in high demand, this pick might also be traded for several picks to a lower player. PICK 2 is Ndamukong Suh, NT, Nebraska

3. St Louis Rams- St. Louis has to get a Franchise QB this season, as badly as they have played that should be easy. There are a couple picks here, but at the 3rd pick it has to be a QB and Jake Locker is the second highest ranked QB prospect due to Bradford’s injuries this season. Bradford may still end up being an elite QB but his injury will prevent him from going this high. PICK 3 is Jake Locker, QB, Washington

4. Detroit Lions- Regardless of the final result the last draft was a turning point, Matt Stafford will become an elite QB when the other pieces are put together. OL is a possibility but the Lions biggest issue is that they can't stop the run, or the pass. No insult intended, but the Lions need to overhaul the defense. Suh won't be available, so I see them going with a defensive star. Personally I think a DT has to be the choice, and while trading up for Suh isn't impossible, I think that would be a bad choice unless Tampa will take minimal compensation, so the choice would be Gerald McCoy DT from Oklahoma or Russell Okung OT out of Oklahoma State. I still believe the choice should be defense but upper management within the Lions will want to protect Stafford, so the final choice is PICK 4 is Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State

5. Washington Redskins- Washington can go one of two ways, a QB to replace Jason Campbell, or a lineman to protect him. I think Campbell if continues to play at the level he has been then he is kept and someone to protect him will be drafted here. They need a WR, and will address that in later rounds but here at the 5th pick I think the choice has to be Offensive line. After Okung the next logical choice will be Bruce Campbell OT from Maryland. I could see them trading down as well in order to pick up a 1st and second round OT as they need multiple and still have an additional second round pick for WR. PICK 5 is Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland.

6. Kansas City Chiefs- Kansas City has many of the pieces to build a franchise and needs a solid WR which they will get either through FA, or the 2nd or 3rd round. They also need to build a solid defense because to be a contender in the NFL, defense is necessary. The logical pick here is a secondary player, most likely Eric Berry, a Safety out of Tennessee. He has the potential to be a key piece to a defense, and will likely allow the Chiefs the best chance of improving right away. PICK 6 is Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

7. Buffalo Bills- The Bills need a change at the QB position, and I look for whoever takes over the Coaching position in Buffalo will want a QB to build a franchise around. I look for them to take a chance on Bradford here, because he has all the things they look for in a QB. The only reason he drops as low as he does is the shoulder injury, but as it's the only injury in his Career, and assuming he performs well at the combine it is likely he is drafted here. Pick 7 Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

8. Oakland Raiders- Well given past experience this pick would be the fastest guy on the board, and logically they should take a QB (depending on Russell), or Offensive Line, but as long as Al Davis is calling the shots, look for something illogical as usual, perhaps a Kicker who runs a 4.3 second 40 lol. I'm going to go with Al picking Ryan Mallet and dumping Jamarcus Russell. Pick 8 is Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas

9. Denver Broncos- Thank you Chicago Bears :) The Broncos have alot of choices here. Some people say that we should draft a QB but that won't happen. Kyle Orton has played exceptional and Tom B. will be back next year, perhaps we will draft a QB in a late round but not here. This pick will be Defense. I would like to see eventual replacements for Goodman, Dawkins, and Bailey to join Bruton, Smith, and McBath but those positions are a reach at 9 except perhaps Joe Haden CB for Florida as Goodmans eventually replacement. I would like to see us trade down if the opportunity arises, but if not at this pick my choice would be Rolando McClain ILB to eventually replace Andra Davis who will be 31 soon. Pick 9 is Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama.

10. San Francisco 49ers- The 49ers will look to improve its secondary, and if Denver passes on Joe Haden CB from Florida look for them to take him here. Haden is an excellent CB and will be dominant in the NFL. The 49ers need depth here and the Free Agency market on solid Cornerbacks looks slim. It's possible they will trade down as well if the opportunity arises but if not the pick here will be Haden. Pick 10 is Joe Haden, CB, Florida.

I will start working on 11-20, and post it soon. All comments/opinions are welcome of course!

 Jesse D Forrer


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