Many thanks Broncos fans

Other than the lead up to the War of 1812 game between the Patriots and Colts several weeks ago, the blogging done prior, during, and after the Colts v. Broncos game was some of the best fan interaction I've read all season.

Much of the credit for this positive interaction should go to you Broncos fans here at MHR.

I also want to especially thank my good friend John Bena, a man who runs a nice ship here by encouraging thoughtful commentary from the readers and contributors. One of the best "perks" out of doing this "blogging thing" has been my friendship with John; a friendship that has no doubt been strained by my own big mouth ("John, Josh McDaniels is horrible. The Broncos will win maybe three games this year."-- remember that gem, Johnny?). John is one of the good guys in the blogosphere. After I'm done attacking Michael David Smith, insulting Peter King, or telling Michael Tunison of Kissing Suzy Kolber to eat my dingus, I sometimes allow one thought to creep into my head, which almost always makes me regret my actions:

What would John have done?

Hmmmm, probably should have done that and not told Tunison to bite my sack and choke on it.

As John will likely tell you all one day, after he writes his NY Times best-selling book on "How to blog and not sound like a cynical prick," there have been many verbal spats between me and other writers. Some have been in person. Some over email. some over IM and Twitter. Some via blog articles. Much of the time, I argue and fight with people because I think they are betraying the truth. However, after several of these outbursts, one of the first people I have gone to is John. 

BBS: I feel bad that I said that. But, I felt it needed to be said. Did I do the right thing?

John: What you said was you. It's who you are. Part of the reason people read you is you do not filter. Sure, there are "nicer" ways of saying what you said, but sometimes the truth isn't always pleasant. And if you tried to filter yourself, that isn't you being you.

Now, obviously, those "quotes" above are really quotes. They are more generalizations of hundreds of conversations John and I have had publicly (via podcasts) and privately (when we are shooting the crap). John is my favorite sounding board for blog ideas, thoughts, and complaints. He is also a good man and a good friend. For these things, and more, I thank him.

Maybe some day I'll take him up on that invite to his home. I promise not to show up in a Stokely jersey circa 2003.

I also thank all of you for being such great fans. Some of you mixed it up with me prior to the game, and maybe the responses I gave you were harsh and in-you-face. But, I hope that you all understand and know that I respect you and your team. We may not agree on everything, but the reason my comments are hard and unfiltered is because I respect truth. Truth is paramount. truth, above all else. "Nice" minus truth is not nice. Falseness, or anything that hides the inner truth, is dis-respect in my book.

I hope that makes sense.

And yes, I would have been here writing nearly the same kind of FanPost had the Broncos beaten the Colts. Maybe they will in the playoffs. I don't know. I don't blog because I think the Colts will win. I blog because I enjoy interacting with others. I blog because I get to share games like this one with my buddy John and his pals at MHR.

Good luck the rest of the season, Broncos fans.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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